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Who we are

Headquartered in California, MOCREO designs and delivers a select collection of people-inspired products that make people's lives better, easier and more fulfilling. With passion and excellence, we strive to push the boundaries of innovation, design and quality in mobile devices and accessories.

Our products are designed in-house by a talented team of industrial designers and engineers. At MOCREO, We like to approach every detail from a user's perspective to improve our technology, and to enrich everyday interactions with your favorite devices. Moreover, MOCREO is a team of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, high quality audio. As individuals who have spent years in music industry, we are not satisfied with anything less than perfection. We love technology, but we love music even more. Then we continue to relentlessly pursue innovative technologies and faithful music reproduction.


We are diligent in every products to drive change for a better, easier and more fulfilling life.


'MO' means ‘mobile’ and 'CREO' origins from Latin word meaning 'to create or make'. We are devoted to providing you with the best experience possible, specializing in visually elegant yet highly functional digital technology solutions.

We've carried a full line of innovative high quality human-centered products and accessories with style, enhancing the technology that connects us to the people, activities and experiences we love… With innovative products and worry-free guarantee, MOCREO has created lots of loyal fans the world over, including US, UK, Germany, Japan and more.


Be creative, Be moved

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MOCREO Headquarters
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Corporation Zone, Qianhai 1st Road, Liyumen Street No.1, Authority of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Corporation Zone, comprehensive office building, building A, Room 201
Shenzhen, Guangdong
TEL: +86 0755-32850989