The Latest MOCREO(TM) 2-in-1 LED Lamp + Bluetooth Speaker Combo Surprises MOCREO Fans

CaliforniaFeb. 17, 2014 - The MOCREO 10W E27 LED Lamp + Wireless Bluetooth Audio Player Speaker Combo we introduced recently surprised lots of customers worldwide. This is quite a new creative 2-in-1 design, which combines LED light with a Bluetooth audio speaker that can be used for both playing music and lighting.

MOCREOTM 2-in-1 LED Lamp + Bluetooth Speaker Combois fairly simple in looks and manages to just look exquisite without being over-the-top. It looks like a seedpod of the lotus, a very novel gadget that comes in 4 colors: white, pink, green, and blue. This MOCREO Combo is made of 2 parts; the outer ring is the ring luminescence band, which can brighten the light of white; a small-caliber and high-powered full-range speaker is located in the middle area, and the music player as well. In addition, there's a remote controller which enables you to control the light and music far away.

This is quite an interesting and great idea to have lights for the Bluetooth speaker. You can use it as a night light in the night, and with the remote controller, you can turn on/off the light as well as adjust the brightness anytime. As it also acts as a Bluetooth speaker, the Bluetooth audio receiver is suitable for all kinds of Bluetooth supported devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Smartphone, MID, notebook, etc. There are also some buttons on the remote controller for controlling music, including volume up and down, prev skip and next skip, play and pause.

MOCREO Combo is easy to install and can be screwed into any medium base light socket without wires needed. Its portable design makes it applicable in many scenarios, Such as the parlour, bedroom, studyroom, kitchen, bathroom, passageway, etc.

MOCREOTM 2-in-1 LED Lamp + Bluetooth Speaker Combo is really a practical gadget that MOCREO would like to recommend it to all the MOCREO Fans and all the people who wants to enjoy a better life in a more relaxing way. It is availiable on and For more information >> MOCREOTM 2-in-1 LED Lamp + Bluetooth Speaker Combo

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