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Before applying, please take a moment to review the brief introduction below.
The M Club Program is a valued and unique partnership, in which you can be sent the firsthand information and totally free samples of products from MOCREO.


  1. The pre-release product information will be sent to M Club members. All of you have privilege to use the super low price to early access. And the ones, which we have good relations of cooperation with, will be even sent totally free samples to internal test. All of you have chance to be a developer of MOCREO items. Any of your feeling and advice may be adopted to improve our products.
  2. For the current lineup products, we will inregularly hold testing and giveaway in M Club. And the samples will be totally free.
  3. More rights and activites is waiting for explore... You are welcome to provide your opinion to make M Club better together.


  1. In return, we need your non biased, honest feedback, references and ratings. Provide relevant insights and critical feedback that will help us improve our products and fuel our innovative process.
  2. For existing product test, please finish within 10 days after receiving the products, and share the reviews (articles, videos, images, etc...) across the social networks, your own websites/blogs, authority sites, maybe discount forums like slickdeals when it has a discount, and so on. Posting helpful product reviews that will better inform other potential customers.

If you feel this partnership is right for you, then you can click the “Apply Now” button to submit the application. M Club family is bigger and stronger. Share this news with people around, and they are all welcomed!

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Latest Sample List

For each M Club activity, you will receive invitation email including items of this round. You can also like @MOCREO Facebook fan page to get the latest sample list in each round for different sale areas M Club members.