Detachable Universal World Travel Charger All-in-one UK/EU/US/AUS Plugs Safety Adapter 3200mA Dual USB Ports - Black

- Covers more than 150 countries with US / EU / UK / AU plug
- Dual USB Ports allows for charging of USB devices
- Input 110-240V, 2 USB socket; output: 5V DC, 3200mAh
- Packed in 1*Universal Travel Charger and 1*US plug USB wall charger. Choose the right charger at your convenience


Product Highlight:

  • [ Work Worldwide ] - All-in-one world travel adapter with UK/EU/US/AUS plugs works in worldwide: United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Australia, Canada, Middle East, South America, Asia, The Caribbean, Great Britain ,Ireland, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Fiji, New Zealand, China, etc., covers more than 150 countries
  • [ Dual 3.2A USB Ports] - Dual USB ports charger with US/AUS plug allows for charging of your USB enabled devices during your travels, MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, speakers, etc.
  • [ Current Sharing] - Dual USB ports charger can be used in two way, all alone or with the combination of AC adapter, dual USB ports maximum output: 3200mA (USB maximum output 2100mA when use only one USB port.), easy assemble and disassemble
  • [ Luminous Design ] - LOGO and the connection circle will be luminous when connect to power. Working as an LED indicator as well as a dim night light.
  • [ Detatchable Charges ] - Packed in 1*Universal Travel Charger and 1*US plug USB wall charger. Choose the right charger at your convenience.
  • Note:
    - The USB charger has a maximum of 3200mA output shared between the 2 USB ports and it is distributed intelligently. To protect the charger, a safety cut out prevents charging if 2 devices are plugged in that draw more than 3200mA. If overcharging occurs, simply remove one device and charge individually.
    - To protect the charger, please make sure that the power of the devices connected to the USB ports are less than 1500W in total.
    - There are protective films on the surface of the AC adapter and USB charger, you can feel free to remove them if you don't need them.
    - When you use the AC adapter, please first push lock key to the designated position according to which plug do you choose, UK/EU/US/AUS.


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Color Black

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