5-in-1 Portable 3G Hotspot WiFi Router w/ 5200mAh Power Bank

- Wi-Fi Access Point and Router. WiFi IEEE802.11b/g/n standards
- Wi-Fi Repeater
- 5200 mAh Power Bank, charging your mobile digital devices
- Network Storage, sharing files wirelessly
- 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot

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5 Functions in 1 Device

  • Wi-Fi Access Point and Router
  • Wi-Fi Repeater
  • 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • 5200 mAh Power Bank
  • Network Storage

Power Bank in Small Size

Works as a power bank, charging mobile digital devices such as iPhone, iPad mini, Android smartphone, etc.

Long working time

Built-in 5200mAh Li-ion batteries, can last 4 to 7 hours after full charge.

Wide compatibility

Compatible with most 3G USB dongles (sold separately) in HSPA/HSPA+/WCDMA / CDMA 2000 / EVDO A /EVDO B / TD-SCDMA systems.

Wireless Router

Support IEEE802.11b/g/n, rates up to 150Mbps. DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses.

Support up to 20 Clients

Support up to 20 wifi devices (smartphone, iPad, MID, PC etc.) as clients.

Enjoy File Sharing

Support FTP server. Share files, videos, audios or photos from USB HDD, U-Disk or USB Card reader wirelessly.

Wireless Network Storage

Make data backup and transfer more convenient.



Q. Wireless repeater without wired connection?
A: Yes. This wireless router can be used as a WIFI repeater. It can be connected to the main router by wireless. So that you can enhance the wireless signal and expanding WIFI coverage.
Q. Which 3G dongle compatible with this 3G Wi-Fi router?
E150; E153; E1550; E1552; E1556; E156; E156G; E158; E160; E160E; E160G; E1612; E1612; E1630; E166; E169; E1692; E169U; E170; E172; E173; E1750; E1752; E1752CU ; E1756; E176 ; E1762; E1780; E1782; E1786; E180; E1820; E220; E226; E230; E261; E270; E272; E303; E303S; E353s; E392; E510; EC122 ; EC1261; EC1270; EC156; EC167; EC177; EC189; EC226; ET127; ET128-2; ET188; K3715; K3765; UMG181 (T-MOBILE)
AC2726; AC2736; AC2746; AC2766; AC560; AC580; AC581; AC582; AC582; AC583; AC590; K3750-Z; K3765-z (VODAFONE); MF100; MF110; MF112; MF180; MF186; MF190; MF626; MF627; MF628;MF633; MF633BP+; MF636; MF636; MF637U; MF668A;-T A355;-T A356
Q. Why I cannot make video call through hangouts, but can browser website?
A: We kindly suggest you reset the DMZ. See the file: DMZ Setting
Q. How does it work as a 3G router (WAN) ?
A: We kindly suggest you see the file: Instruction for 3G router (WAN)
Q. How to set up the WIFI router?
A: Please see the file: Quick Installation Guide or read the user manual for further informations.
Q. Does it work with kindle fire?
A: Yes. This model works with kindle fire.
Q. Can I use this device in my car connecting to my iPad?
A: Yes you can, if you have a 3g dongle you can use as a wifi hotspot. It can be a charger to your mobile phone or a data server when you have flash drive with movie or music to share. What's more, it has a battery so will work anywhere, and can be connected to the power out let in the car, too.
Q. How to change the device MAC address?
A: 1. Type IP address : into your browser and press Enter
2. Then click [Advanced Settings]-[Internet settings]-[WAN]
3. Click [Enable], enter your new address and [ Apply]
4. Restart the router
Q. How to set up the FTP server on 3G wifi router?
A: Please follow the steps bellow:
1. Turn on the WiFi router to [Router] switch and type the IP address [ ] into your browser and press Enter
2. Choose [ Wi-Fi Repeater ]
3. Click [Advanced Settings]
4. Click [Storage]–[FTP server]–[Enable]-[Apply]
See the file: Set up FTP server for further informations.



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