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Real-time Monitoring | Remote Alerts | Auto Data Collection

- Background -

Today, the pharmaceutical/medical industry uses a wide variety of devices, which need equipping with the modern monitoring systems to assist the temperature tracking, drug production, efficient storage, distribution, and use. Industrial monitoring systems are common in the pharmaceutical industry, but their updated status is not always so timely. Since the pharmaceutical/medical industry touches people’s lives, it is crucial to persistently monitor these perishable products. 

Using IoT monitoring solution will allow to monitor those information better for cold chain product management, which is essential for the pharmaceutical/medical industry.

- Challenge -

As the special commodity, medicines and reagents are directly related to public health.

Many laboratories and pharmaceutical companies face troublesome challenges in medical resource management and massive temperature recording. They need to spend much labor and time doing well in regular inspection. Otherwise, without optimal storage conditions, these medical resources might be at risk, leading to serious resource loss, which means pharmacies or laboratories administrator has no choice but to invest much money to deal with these troubles due to the inefficient management methods.

Refrigerated storage equipment failure

the overwhelming medical resources loss: vaccines or medicines worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollar.

Lack of early warning mechanisms

Without the early warning system, it is so late to discover the problems that the damage has been caused! 

Troublesome manual recording

The workload of traditional manual recording is heavy and the supervision is insufficient.

- Solution -

The goal of MOCREO solution is to achieve the automatic environmental monitoring. Integrating with loT, big data and cloud computing and connecting with the Internet, it realizes 24/7 real-time monitoring and temperature and humidity data recording.

Managers can check the data of each facility through the screen; the monitoring devices can automatically alarm or you send remote alerts when the temperature and humidity exceed the specified range, and notify the personnel to take corresponding measures to control. Moreover, the system can also provide intelligent auxiliary functions to help staff manage daily data.

pharmacy iot solution

Data monitoring

Through the real-time monitoring function, you may directly view the current situation of the device, like the current value of each parameter, the abnormal temperature or humidity. Additionally, You can also view the value curve change of the current period of time by lightly placing the mouse on the card.

Temperature alert

The system will send instant alerts when the storage temperature is higher or lower than the threshold set. The system is able to realize the alarm on the spot and at the designated place. Meanwhile, warehouse management personnel will receive the alert information, thereby taking emergent measures in time.

Equipment power failure alarm

When electrical equipment loses power unexpectedly in the pharmacy, the power outage alarm sends out local and remote alarms. Notify operation and maintenance personnel to handle the accident, preventing the situation from getting worse

Fire protection safety alarm

Like smoke sensors, and temperature & humidity sensors, these fire detection equipment are deployed at multiple locations in the pharmacy warehouse. By doing so, Once a fire occurs, the alarm will automatically alarm, and the staff can deal with it in time by turning on the fire sprinkler or other fire fighting equipment.

Data collection and analysis

Greatly reduce the workload of the person who used to spend most of the time checking, logging, and analyzing the data. This function could export the historical data of each online monitoring device through the APP or PC, which is convenient for the administrator to analyze and process the data.

Real-time environment inspection

Managers can log in to the cloud management platform to view the environmental data of the pharmaceutical warehouse. When the warehouse temperature and humidity environment is poor, the system sends mobile phone push notifications to the managers, and the managers can get and deal with it at the first time.

- Benefits -

To reduce the manual recording

It frees pharmacy personnel from time-consuming temperature recording and they could spend more time in other more important things.

To avoid the serious accidental losses

With real-time monitoring, it could discover any abnormal temperature variation to protect the medical products from being at risk.

To meet the regulatory compliances

It makes sure the medical resources are stored at the constant environmental conditions to adhere to the strict storage requirements.

- Details -

MOCREO’s pharmacy IoT solution consists of wireless sensors, gateways, and monitoring software (web, app) to provide a complete remote monitoring solution. Integrate with your existing equipment (such as coolers and appliances), wireless sensors can be used to monitor a variety of environmental conditions to provide you with real-time data. The wireless gateway acts as a communication bridge between your wireless sensors and MOCREO online monitoring software, enabling you to view information sent from sensors anytime, anywhere at your computer, tablet or smartphone. The MOCREO software can also alert you instantly via sending email, push notifications on your phone if the conditions you set exceed.

By scalable deployment, you can manage and monitor the multiple locations anywhere at any moment.

how to work

It provides real-time insight into equipment temperature, which allows real-time visualization of data, and timely out-of-standard events detection.

The personnel on duty can receive alarm notifications in time through their mobile phones to intervene earlier when necessary.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Alert threshold customization
  • Clear management of individual environmental parameters of pharmaceutical equipment

Based on cloud servers (AWS, Azure,Google Cloud) and private deployments with advanced data center hosting. You can choose our cloud service solution, or if you prefer private deployment, you can also choose our local server solution. Depending on your needs. The main difference is whether you want to store your data on a cloud server or in a hospital.

Data storage and analysis provides more intelligent insights and accurate drug temperature data for pharmacy/hospital operation and maintenance teams. Big data and cloud computing make automatic management possible.

  • Provide alerts via text message, email, or phone
  • Big data statistics and analysis based on cloud/local servers
  • Accessible around the clock from anywhere

With the intelligent measurement and control system solution, the remote monitoring terminals (including various environmental sensors and industrial gateway wireless communication terminal) are installed at each collection and monitoring point as a distributed control node station. The main equipment includes low temperature sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, infrared detector, door and window sensor, power failure alarm, dense fog sensor, flood sensor, etc.

  • Low power/long life
  • Scalabledeployment
  • Reliable, proven technology
low temperature sensor

Low temperature Sensor


Function: To monitor the low temperature of refrigeration equipment, cold storage, etc. Historical data on the temperature can be recorded

Temperature & Humidity Sensor


Function: To monitor the temperature and humidity. Historical data can be recorded.

Door and window Sensor


Function: To monitor whether refrigerators, pharmacy doors and other doors are closed properly or not.

Power failure alarm


Function: To monitor once a equipment loses power, alarm instantly; Detect the smoke and fog in the room and detect the fire in time

Water leak Sensor

Model: SW2 

Function: To detect whether there is water on the ground or not to prevent medical products get moldy caused by water leakage in pharmacies


PIR Sensor

Model: PIR 

Function: To detect the presence of people in the area.

- Why MOCREO -

Stable system architecture

Our solution provides access and management capabilities for a large number of devices, connects your IoT devices to the cloud platform, supports device data collection on the cloud and issues commands to devices for remote control, and helps you quickly build IoT security monitoring solutions according to different application scenarios.

That is, the perception layer and the network layer in IoT technology. 

All kinds of sensors need two conditions to access to the loT platform:

  1. BLE/ZigBee/Wi-Fi/Lora/ and other communication methods
  2. intelligent gateways connection and transmission

By doing so, it could make sure the devices transfers the data stably as well as consumes the low energy during the operation.

Of course, through 4G/5G/NB-IOT/Ethernet and other networks, it can access the IoT platform, and use the MQTT protocol to report business data to the platform, and the platform can also issue control commands to devices.

That is, the platform layer in IoT technology. 

loT platform take the bridge between devices connection and practical exercises. 

It carries the abstract business logic and standardized core data model, which achieves rapid access to devices and provide powerful modularization capabilities, thereby supporting the various needs in industry application scenarios.

That is, the application layer in the IoT technology can quickly build functional modules that meet the needs of the industry by calling the API interface provided by the IoT platform.

Low operating costs

The sensor operates with low power consumption and has a battery life of more than 2 years. That means you needn’t to charge the devices or change batteries frequently. An gateway can manage multiple devices to achieve a 1+N effect.

At the same time, you also needn’t to train professionals to operate devices and personnel can immediately learn to how to use and deploy them.

Easily scalable deployment

In the MOCREO solution, a single account manages the sensors that are installed at the multiple locations. To add one more sensor, you just need to place the sensor in the expected position and activate it in 5 mins. To adding a location, you just deploy one more smart gateway.

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- Future -

Automatic data monitoring & storage is the future trend in pharmaceutical industry. It is essential to medical products monitoring and regular risk inspection and early warning because medical products are related with public health. IoT technology has been around for years, impacting the daily lives of many of us, but has only recently become the necessary technology in pharmacies.

With an IoT temperature monitoring system, pharmacy operations personnel can remotely monitor any temperature-controlled storage system. Meanwhile, our system could automatically, precisely record data and provide instant alerts when power outages or in-unit temperature conditions exceed or fall below predetermined thresholds. This will be an indispensable solution for pharmacies to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

A Remote Temperature Monitoring System For Pharmacy