App Web Portal

How to Access to App Web Portal


You can use it only after you completed the Hub & Sensor Setup process, since the Setup process required for Bluetooth-LE on a mobile phone to work.


The App Web Portal is on the Internet. If you prefer to access the devices in local network only, please use Hub Web Portal.

Upgrade the firmware of the Hub via the app

  • Click [ Menu] > [ Hubs ] . Choose Hub, go to Hub Setting.

  • Click ‘Check Update’ to check a newer firmware is available.

  • You will be notified on the Home page when a new firmware is available. Click the notification then into the upgrading page.

  • Hub with 1.1.5 (or above) firmware version can support being upgraded via App. If the Hub version is lower than 1.1.5, please upgrade the firmware via Hub portal (Please click here to upgrade your Hub)