Hub Web Portal

The Hub Web Portal is served by the Hub itself. Just like many traditional routers, the MOCREO Hub runs a web server at 80 port. Usually, this portal is only accessible from your local network. If you’d like to access from Internet, please use App Web Portal.

How to Access to Hub Web Portal

  • Setup the Wi-Fi network according to the User Manual, by download the App and follow the instructions. Or plug in the network cable before booting, the hub will use Ethernet to connect to the network.

  • After the hub connect to the internet, find out the Hub’s IP address (Find it on the MOCREO Hub APP’s hub detail page or check it in the router’s management page.)

  • Open the Hub admin webpage with a web browser on a PC, make sure the computer and hub are in the same local area network, then you can see the hub’s web portal’s login page.

  • You are required to sign-in with a User Name: admin, Password: password.


Remember to modify the default password in [ Home ] > [ Admin Settings ]. If you forget the password, you will have to reset the Hub to the factory defaults.

Associate Hub to an Account

  • Click [ Home ] > [ Admin Settings ] > [ Admin ].

  • Fill out the setup token displayed by the MOCREO Hub APP in the column [ Associate This Hub to an Account], then submit.

  • After binding successfully, please refresh the MOCREO Hub APP, and will see the Hub.

Hub / Nodes Management

  • Click [ Home ] > [ Hub / Nodes Management ] > [ Manage ].

  • You can check the memory usage of Hub.

  • Click the [ Allow Node(s) Pairing with this Hub ] button to pair with other Sensor.

Check Hub Update

  • Click [ Home ] > [ Hub / Nodes Management ] > [ Hub ] > [ Check Update ]

Download System Log

  • Click [ Home ] > [ Admin Settings ] > [ System Log ], hit [ Enable System Log ], Set [ Level >= Debug ], [ 2000 lines ], Then [ Submit ]

  • Try to reproduce the issue. It’s recommended to reboot the Hub first.

  • After the issue happened, go back to [ System Log ], and click the download button on the top-right corner.

  • While requesting tech support, please attach this csv file with the issue.