Temp Sensor - ST5


ST5 Product Unboxing Guide

How can I distinguish your devices?

How to create an account?

How to set up my new MOCREO Hub?

I have multiple sensors, how can I distinguish them?

What is the wireless range of MOCREO sensors? How far does the signal propagate?

Where should I put the sensor? How much area is covered? How many sensors do I need?

Can I use multiple hubs with one account? How do I add another Hub to my account?

How many sensors can I add to a Hub?

How many phones or other mobile devices can I use to monitor the same Hub?

Why do MOCREO app for Android requires location permissions?


How to Configure Alerts?

How do I turn on email alerts and App push notifications?

How to have multiple emails receive alert emails at the same time?

What if my Hub Internet or power goes down? Will I still receive alerts?

How to change my email alerts?

Does MOCREO Sensor support SMS and phone call alerts?


How often is the sensor measured?

What is the measurement range/accuracy of MOCREO Sensors?

Can I calibrate my MOCREO sensor?

Do MOCREO sensors come with calibration certificates?


How long will the battery last and how do I change the battery?

How do I charge the sensor and how do I know if the sensor is fully charged?

Will I be notified when the battery level is low?

I changed the battery in the sensor, why is the sensor still not updating data?

Where can I find reliable batteries?

Data Storage

How do I export my data from the application?

Does MOCREO Cloud have an open API?

Can I view my MOCREO device data from a desktop or laptop or a web browser?

For how many days the temperature data of the sensor can be stored in cloud storage? And what happens after that?

How do I reset my MOCREO sensor?

Will data be lost when the Hub is powered off or disconnected from the network?


What should I do when my sensor fail to work?

Unable to bind the Hub to the account?

Sensor status light flashes frequently

Fail to add a sensor?

Sensor went offline frequently

My sensor and Hub are not reporting data regularly or only sporadically (Ble Sensor)

Abnormal Push Notification on Android Phone

Fail to receive the verification email?

Why did my sensor card show “unknown” ?

The sensor’s measured temperature does not match the expected temperature?

Why I failed to receive the alerts?

My Hub is offline/unable to access the internet

Setup Hub Troubleshooting


Hub status lights

Firewall Configuration for Devices Linking with Cloud

Network Requirements for Hub Device & Mobile Apps

How to adjust the order of the sensors displayed?

Why does the temperature difference change greatly when the sensor is in the refrigeration layer?

How to change the Wi-Fi network of the Hub?

About how the Hub connects to a hidden Wi-Fi network

How do I change the email used to login to my MOCREO account?

How to change the application login password?

How do I change my password for Hub Portal?

Can I use the MOCREO sensor in my refrigerator, freezer, or walk-in cooler?

Can I use the MOCREO sensor outdoors?

How to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius

How to remove a sensor from the application?

How do I reset/delete the Hub from my account?

Can this sensor use Wi-Fi?

What is the MAC and IP address of the Hub?

What ports do I need to open for my Hub?

Can the Hub use an Ethernet jack instead of Wi-Fi?

Can the Hub be used directly to connect the router with POE via Ethernet cable?

Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure

Is there a phone number for support/customer service?

What are the MOCREO Terms of Service? What is your data security?