How do I export my data from the application?

  • Data can be exported from the application in CSV format, which can be opened in Excel and other software platforms.

    1. On the main screen, click on a sensor card, and you will enter a screen that contains detailed information about that sensor.

    2. Click on the settings button in the top right corner to enter the sensor settings page. Scroll down the screen, you will see the “Export Historical Data” field, click on it to enter and select the data range you want to export.

    3. Click on “Export” to pop up a prompt box, you can click “click here” to jump directly to the browser to download, or click “copy” link to download in another way (the link is valid for 60 minutes).

    4. All data downloads are in CSV format spreadsheets, which are compatible with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet software.

Why I am getting failed to export message while exporting the data?

  • When prompted that the data export failed, you can try reducing the exported time, and exporting in smaller amounts in multiple times.