Does MOCREO Sensor support SMS and phone call alerts?

  1. About the SMS notification function

  • Currently, MOCREO Sensor does not support SMS or phone call alerts.However, currently, some operators offer services to convert plain text email notifications to SMS. Below are some common email addresses for operators:

    1. Verizon:

    2. Sprint:

    3. AT&T:

    4. T-Mobile:

  • If you require SMS notification functionality, you can inquire with the respective operator about enabling the “email notification to SMS” service and activate the email notification feature in the MOCREO Sensor App. Once set up, you will be able to receive SMS notifications, such as sensor threshold alerts, through the “email notification to SMS” service.

  1. About the short call notification function

  • You can realize the alert notification in the form of phone call through the email to phone service provided by the third party.

  • Below are the third party service platforms that we have enquired about that provide email notification to phone call notification, you can use them as reference and you can also look for other third party platforms that provide similar services.

    1. <>