How many sensors can I add to a Hub?

  • It should be noted that there is no limit to the number of devices that can be added to the MOCREO account.

  • For ST3 / ST4 sensors, a single Hub can establish a maximum of 10 binding relationships with Sensors.

  • For SS1 / ST5 / ST6 / ST9 / ST10 / SW2 sensors, instead of being bound to the Hub, the Sensors are directly bound to the MOCREO account. Within the Bluetooth scanning range of a single Hub, up to 30 Sensors can be deployed. If the Hub has already established binding relationships with 10 ST3/ST4 Sensors, the maximum number of Sensors that can be deployed within the Hub’s Bluetooth scanning range is 25.

  • For ST7 / ST8 sensors, there is no need to bind them to the Hub; they are directly bound to the MOCREO account.