What should I do when my sensor fail to work?(Ble Sensor)

  1. Check the status of your hub: Ensure that your hub is online before troubleshooting the sensor issue. You can do this by clicking on the “Menu” button in the top left corner of the app’s main interface, selecting “Hubs,” and checking the color status of the hub card.

    1. If the hub card is gray, it means the hub is offline.

    2. If the hub card is green, it means the hub is online.

  • If your hub is online and the sensor is still not working, continue with the following steps. If your hub is offline, you first need to click here to learn how to troubleshoot and solve your Hub offline problem.

Sensor offline problem solution

  • Verify the sensor status: Determine if the sensor is truly offline by checking the sensor card status and data updates.

If the sensor is showing as offline but the monitoring data is updating correctly, please contact MOCREO at (contact@mocreo.com) for further assistance.

  1. If the sensor is offline and not updating data, do not reset the sensor as it may make it harder to bring it back online. In most cases, the sensor will automatically come back online as long as it is within the hub’s Bluetooth scanning range. Give it some time without unnecessary intervention.

  2. If the sensor does not regain functionality, try placing it closer to the hub and use the MOCREO Sensor App to re-add the sensor and restore its functionality.

  3. If the issue persists after trying the above steps, please contact MOCREO at (contact@mocreo.com) for further assistance.

  • Additionally, once the sensor is back online, you can click Bluetooth signal optimization solution to learn how to further improve the Sensor signal level by optimizing the deployment environment.