Can I use the MOCREO sensor outdoors?

  • The MOCREO sensor will perform well outdoors as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight or precipitation.

  • Our sensors are not waterproof. However, many users have achieved good results by placing the sensors under eaves or other similar protected outdoor conditions. Since the sensor has an open sensor hole, it is best to have the sensor installed with the hole facing downwards to reduce the possibility of water or debris entering the inside.

  • Regardless of the model, you will still need to protect your sensor from direct sunlight. Sunlight radiation is not particularly harmful to the device, but it will heat the shell and distort temperature and humidity readings. For best accuracy, you need a mounting location that will protect the sensor from direct sunlight and precipitation while also providing good airflow so that the surrounding environment can be accurately represented. We find that under the eaves is typically works well but sun shade cover for sensor also exists for this kind of application.