Fail to add a sensor?

  • Please make sure your phone is within 5 meters of the Sensor.

  • When pairing, check if the blue indicator light of the Sensor is flashing (by poking the Sensor for 1 second and then releasing it, the Sensor’s indicator light flashing means it is in setting mode, and if the indicator light stops flashing, it means the pairing is successful).

  • Make sure that the Hub firmware is the latest version (Menu >>> Hubs >>> Hub Settings >>> Firmware Version >>> Click Check Update to check if the Hub firmware is the latest version).

  • Add a sensor without correct steps.Please re-add the device according to the instructions on the app.

  • Do not turn off your phone’s Bluetooth and network (Android needs to grant Bluetooth permission).

Click to view the instructions for setting up sensors ST5 and SW2. ST5 , ST6 , SW2