What if my Hub Internet or power goes down? Will I still receive alerts?

  • If we find that the Hub is offline for any reason and has been offline for more than 10 minutes, the cloud will send notifications to your mobile devices (provided they have an Internet connection, notifications enabled, not muted, do not disturb disabled, etc.) notifying you of the missing Hub so you can be aware of possible issues and monitor the temporary offline state. (Current features will be coming later, stay tuned!!!)


The Hub network is interrupted, and after the BLE Sensor (ST5/ST6/SW2) triggers the alarm, the Hub will still send Beep.

  • In addition, you can check the online status of the Hub by using Menu>>>Hubs, where the application Hubs lists each Hub on your account and its connection status and displays “Hub Offline” in the upper right corner of the Sensor card when the Hub is offline. The status of the Hub to the cloud is updated approximately every 5 minutes. You can force the App to check the status in the cloud by scrolling to the top of the list and pulling down to manually trigger a data refresh.