Can this sensor use Wi-Fi?

  • Currently MOCREO does not support pairing the sensor with Wi-Fi. Our new sensor product uses Bluetooth for communication, so they are limited to Bluetooth range (e.g. around the house- like a Bluetooth speaker).

  • The reason why the sensor uses Bluetooth LE for communication is that its hardware is more cost-effective than Wi-Fi and it uses much less power.So the battery life is longer (in many cases 2 years) and the sensor sampling rate can be much higher than using Wi-Fi. Many sensors with built-in Wi-Fi sample every 15 minutes instead of every minute (like our MOCREO Sensor) and their battery will run out in a few months instead of a year or longer- which is a real hassle if you’re measuring something hard to reach, like the crawlspace under a house.

  • MOCREO sensor is to be used in conjunction with a Hub.(Except ST7) using a Hub can not only add Wi-Fi functionality but also can push a larger energy-saving sensor array to the cloud for remote monitoring at a much lower cost. Additionally, the MOCREO Sensor cloud service is included in the purchase price, so there is no monthly fee for the Hub.

  • Once it becomes possible to have more efficient systems, our sensors may eventually be developed in the direction of supporting Wi-Fi communications in the future.