Why is my Sensor monitoring data inaccurate? (Deployment environment: refrigerator,freezer,etc.)

The reasons for this usually include the following:

  1. Time Discrepancy:

    • If you observe variations in the monitoring data of multiple ST4/ST5 sensors in the MOCREO Sensor App,it could be due to differences in the reported data times. To minimize monitoring errors caused by time disparities,it is recommended to check multiple sensors simultaneously,ensuring that the latest reported data corresponds to similar timestamps.

  2. External Factors:

    1. External Interference: If the walls or doors of the freezer compartment develop frost,it can cause errors in temperature readings. Frost can interfere with the temperature sensor,resulting in temperature values that do not match the actual temperature. Excessive frost on the sensor surface can also lead to poor contact,preventing accurate temperature readings and affecting monitoring accuracy and stability.

    2. Automatic Defrost Function: If your refrigerator has an automatic defrost function,the heating element may operate to remove frost. This can temporarily raise the temperature in the freezer compartment. Once the defrosting process is complete,the temperature will quickly return to the set target temperature.

    3. Refrigeration Cycle: The refrigerator’s internal cooling system cyclically operates to maintain low temperatures in the freezer compartment. During operation,the refrigeration system may generate heat,causing a temporary temperature increase. Once the refrigeration system stops running,the temperature will return to normal.

  3. Deployment Factors:

    • Due to the inherent temperature variations within a refrigerator,it is important to consider the uneven distribution of temperatures. Depending on the placement of your sensor,there may be differences in the monitored temperature. Before placing the external temperature probe in any location,ensure that there is sufficient space between the probe and the items within the refrigerator. This allows for proper airflow and promotes an even temperature distribution.Furthermore,it is advisable to position the probe away from fans and the freezer compartment,reducing the potential measurement errors caused by external factors.

  4. Sensor’s own measurement factors:

    • It is worth considering that sensors may have inherent measurement errors. When evaluating the accuracy of your sensor’s monitoring data,it is recommended to refer to the specifications provided by MOCREO for each sensor type. These specifications outline the temperature measurement range and the sensor’s precision within different temperature intervals. By comparing the sensor’s current monitoring data within the allowable margin of error,you can determine if the sensor is operating within acceptable limits.

    • You can click Temperature measurement range and accuracy to learn about the temperature measurement ranges of various types of Sensors and their accuracy in different temperature ranges. Then determine whether the current monitoring data of the Sensor is within the allowable error range.

General troubleshooting solutions:

  1. Comparative Analysis

    • If you have multiple MOCREO sensors:

      1. Place two sensors in the same deployment environment and observe if there are any deviations in their monitoring data. This will help you identify if any sensor is problematic.

      2. If you suspect that a specific sensor is providing inaccurate data,try replacing the external temperature probe with a known reliable sensor and observe if the monitoring data still remains abnormal.

    • If you have only one sensor:

      1. You can use a mercury thermometer or another high-precision temperature detection instrument as a reference to compare and verify the accuracy of the sensor’s measurements. It’s important to note that the reference instrument itself may still have some measurement errors.

  2. Temperature Compensation:

    • Additionally,the MOCREO Sensor APP provides a temperature compensation feature. You can access this feature on the Sensor details page by clicking on “Temp & RH Compensation.” It allows you to set temperature/humidity compensation values within a range of ±9°F (±5°C). However,we do not recommend adjusting this setting unless the sensor is experiencing significant temperature deviations. MOCREO sensors undergo rigorous testing before shipment and do not typically exhibit substantial temperature discrepancies unless there is a hardware issue.