How long will the battery last and how do I change the battery?

  • The battery life in MOCREO sensor devices is generally 1 to 2 years, usually closer to 2 years (more in warm conditions, less in extremely cold conditions), but the battery type required will be different for each device model. (Details of battery specification for various types of sensor).


Please note: ST3/ST4/ST5/ST6/SW2 types of sensors do not require battery replacement. These types of sensors are rechargeable, how to charge Sensor, and how do I know if the sensor is fully charged?

  • When it needs to be changed, the process is both fast and simple. Simply follow the simple instructions in the video below.

Please note: the sensor in this video is from an earlier production run. Later models of the sensor are rechargeable.

  • The method for dismantling the battery in this video applies to the ST1/ST2/SW1:

    • The easiest way to open the box is to use an old credit card or similar plastic card. Hold the sensor with the back facing you (the side with the seam), and the text upright. Use the corner of the credit card to slide back and forth along the top seam, pushing inward until the card penetrates slightly (it helps to compress the left and right sides of the sensor).

    • Then slide the card along the top edge to the left side, pry open outward, and the back cover will fall off. The circuit board will then come out on its own. It is held in place by two plastic pins, but only by the back cover. The battery is on the back of the circuit board. It’s a lithium button battery. The “+” side of the battery should be facing the circuit board.

    • Reassembling is the reverse, with a trick: if you first insert the top, it is easier to replace the back cover, because the bottom has two smaller pegs that are designed to make it easier to catch.

  • The method for dismantling the battery in this video applies to the ST7:

    • Slide the battery cover under the ST7 sensor, remove the battery from the sensor, and insert a new 9V 6LR61 battery.

  • After replacing the battery, if your sensor does not start in the application after a moment, please follow the steps outlined in this link: Why don’t my sensor update data after I’ve changed the battery? .

  • The following is the method for checking the battery level:

    • On the sensor card, the battery level is displayed in the upper right corner:

    • When the battery level is >75, it displays 5 bars.

    • When the battery level is <75, ≥ 50, it displays 4 bars.

    • When the battery level is <50, ≥ 25, it displays 3 bars.

    • When the battery level is <25, ≥ 10, it displays 2 bars.

    • When the battery level is <10, it displays 1 bar and the battery level is shown in red.

    • Click on the sensor card on the main page, then click the button in the upper right corner of the sensor details page. On the sensor settings page, you can view the sensor’s current detailed battery data.