How do I turn on email alerts and App push notifications?

  • In addition to Hub Beep when a temperature threshold alarm is triggered, MOCREO also supports email and App notifications, which you can enable by following these steps (not supported by ST7 Sensors):

    • Menu>>>Alerts, you will see the switch for email and App notifications.

    • Check the “Push Notification” and “E-mail” boxes.

    • In the “E-mail” input box, enter the e-mail you want to use to receive alerts.

    • Follow the prompts to enter the verification code and click “Save”.

  • When the Sensor measures temperature data that exceeds the temperature threshold you set, a notification will be sent to your phone and email. If you want to have multiple emails receive alert notifications at the same time, please follow the link: How to have multiple emails receive alert emails at the same time?