Why I failed to receive the alerts?

    1. Please check if you have enabled the following settings:

  • Check how to set up the Hub Beep alert.

Climate Sensor - ST3

Temp Sensor - ST4

Temp Sensor - ST5

Temp Sensor - ST7

Water Leak Sensor - SW2

  • Click here to see how to set up email and app push alerts.

    1. You can check as follows:

  • Set the temperature/humidity threshold of the sensor lower than the current measurement to trigger an alert (Water leakage sensors trigger the alert when the probe comes into contact us(contact@mocreo.com) with water)

    1. Check for alerts:

  • Whether the Hub will beep after an alert is triggered.

  • Whether an alert notification email is received in the mailbox after an alert is triggered.

  • Whether a mobile device receives an app push alert notification after an alert is triggered.

If you have set everything up and still cannot receive alert notifications, please contact us(contact@mocreo.com) .