How to configure alerts?

  • Alert settings can be found on the sensor settings page of the application. To access sensor settings, click on the sensor card on the home page, and then click on the button in the top right corner of the sensor details page.

  • There you will see listed each sensor parameter (such as temperature threshold alert settings, name modifications, low battery alert setting, etc.).

Example 1: Setting temperature threshold and alerts

  • In the screenshot example below, we have set 85°F as the upper limit (highest temperature). Similarly, in the screenshot, we have set 32°F as the lower limit (lowest temperature).

  • To set either of these temperature limits, you can enter a temperature value to change the “upper limit” or “lower limit” temperature.

  • Also, note in this screenshot that the “Low Battery Alerting” switch is enabled. This switch means that as soon as the battery drops below 15%, the sensor will sound a beep.