Will data be lost when the Hub is powered off or disconnected from the network?

  • The MOCREO Hub and some sensors (ST3/ST4) have data storage functions.

  • When the sensor goes offline due to the Hub power off or other factors, ST3/ST4 will store the measured temperature data by itself. ST3 can save the most recent 510 data. ST4 can save the most recent 765 data. After the sensor reconnects, it will transfer the data back to the Hub and then the Hub will upload it to the MOCREO Sensor cloud (other than ST3/ST4 sensors, all other types of sensor data will be lost).

  • When the Hub is disconnected from the internet due to a break in the network, the Hub will cache data reported from all sensors, with a maximum storage capacity of around 5000 data. (Note: If a non-maintenance reboot (maintenance reboot is an automatic reboot of the Hub every 8 hours.) happens during this time, the data will be lost.Once the Hub reconnects to the internet, the data will be re-uploaded to the MOCREO Sensor cloud.