What is the wireless range of MOCREO sensors? How far does the signal propagate?

  • The rated line-of-sight range for MOCREO sensors is 40 meters (about 131 feet), but this is based on completely open spaces with no obstacles between the transmitter and receiver. Real-world conditions will inevitably reduce this ideal range. Without testing, it is impossible to say how a specific set of conditions will accurately affect things, as each situation is different (obstacles, radio interference, etc.). Generally,the sensor can work well in a normal-sized home,in a refrigerator or freezer, or in the same or adjacent room.

  • If there are obstacles, especially if they also involve a relatively long distance, the signal strength and connection reliability will likely depend very much on small variations in placement. One thing to keep in mind is that water or anything containing water (such as almost all food, living things etc) is a very effective absorber of Bluetooth signals. Keep this in mind when placing the devices.

  • Additionally, the transmission strength may even depend on the relative orientation of the antennas, so it’s worth trying different orientations of Hub’s antennas, or adjusting the sensor’s placement in order to see if you can improve performance by these ways.

  • It’s best to change only one condition at a time and then observe to see if the situation improves. If the devices are having intermittent communication, it indicates that the system is on the edge of obtaining enough signal to work reliably, so any small improvement can make a difference.