Temp Sensor - ST7

  1. Turn on the sensor’s power and switch it to the ON position.

  2. Open the app and turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, click the Add Device button in the top right corner of the screen, and select Temp Sensor -add ST7.

  3. On the Add Devices page, select the device that was scanned (place the sensor near your phone).

  4. Check the ST7 sensor you want to add to your account, then click the Add option.

  5. After successful setup, you can view the sensor card you just added to the homepage.

I have tried, but the binding was not successful/data is not updating, what should I do?

  • Android: First, check if GPS and location permissions, as well as Bluetooth are turned on (varies by model). iOS: Only Bluetooth needs to be turned on.

  • Turn on the ST7 switch, if you hear a beep sound, it means the device has powered on and is broadcasting.

  • Once the ST7 has been successfully added to the terminal device and is online, enter the “Sensor Settings” page. Other terminal devices will not be able to receive the ST7 broadcast data.

  • When the ST7 and the terminal device are within the effective communication range, but it shows offline, turn off Bluetooth and then turn it on again.

If you still have any problems, please contact us(contact@mocreo.com) for more help.