My sensor and Hub are not reporting data regularly or only sporadically (Zigbee Sensor).

  • So far, the most common reason for temporary data loss between the sensor and the Hub (e.g. the last reading being more than one or two minutes ago) is the distance between the components and obstacles. You can strengthen the signal strength between the sensor and the Hub in order to maintain signal transmission.

You can strengthen the signal strength between the sensor and the Hub according to the following tips:

  • Generally, when there are obstacles indoors, we recommend that the distance between the sensor and the Hub be 10M-15M [39.8ft-49.2ft] (the effect of different obstacles on signal strength is different, depending on the actual situation)

  • Also, pay attention to: keep the Hub and sensor away from metal surfaces; Install the Hub as high as possible; keep the Hub’s antenna upright.

  • These practices are beneficial in increasing the signal transmission distance and stability between the sensor and the Hub.

  • If you experience sensor entry and exit issues from the Hub, check the signal strength reported by the Hub. You can view this in the “summary” section of the chart in the sensor details(accessed by clicking on the sensor card in the home page):

  • The last reported signal level for this sensor is 93% “Signal Level”.

  • However, as the reported signal level approaches or falls below 40%, the likelihood of intermittent connection increases.

  • The minimum available value depends on the specific environment, but the key is if your sensor reports are inconsistent and the reported signal level is less than around 40% when reporting, you can solve the problem by repositioning the device to reduce distance and/or obstacles, or even just readjusting the Hub antenna direction. The sensor antenna is located inside the device, so sometimes just readjusting the sensor position is enough.

  • The data must be transmitted from the Hub to the cloud and then to your app, so it may take a few minutes for the changes to be reflected. To fully see the effect, it’s important to make a change and allow some time for the signal to be transmitted.

  • Please also note that metal objects are very effective absorbers of Zigbee signals, so if there is a metal object between the sensor and the Hub it will cause a deviation in the results, resulting in your sensor disconnecting and not updating data.

  • If you are unsure, one thing we often try to do is temporarily place the sensor next to the Hub and see if the issue disappears.

  • You can view the signal value information between the Hub and sensor in the “Signal Level” field of the sensor detailed information.

Multiple Hubs

  • If you encounter range issues and are unable to resolve it by relocating the device, you can add one or more additional Hubs in your system to help strengthen or expand wireless coverage. Simply add them to your application like adding the initial Hub and initial sensor.

  • If your issue is still unresolved, please contact us( for more help.