Fail to add a sensor or update the data?

  • Android: First check if GPS and location permissions, as well as Bluetooth are turned on (differs depending on the model)

    • Android10 open

      • “bluetooth permission”

      • “location permissions”

    • Android12 and above open

      • “bluetooth permission”

      • “nearby devices”

  • iOS: Just need to open Bluetooth

  • Turn on the ST7 switch, see if there is a drop sound. If there is a drop sound, it means the device is normally turned on and playing voice.

  • After the ST7 is successfully added to the terminal device and is online, enter the “Sensor Settings” page, other terminal devices will not be able to receive ST7’s broadcast data.

  • When the ST7 is displayed as offline within the effective communication range of the terminal device, it is necessary to turn off Bluetooth and turn it on again.

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