What should I do when my sensor fail to work?

  • If your sensor is not responding, not reporting data, or not working properly, or you are encountering errors or timeouts when attempting to add a sensor, there are many troubleshooting steps you can try. Often one of them will have you back up and running in a matter of minutes. If not, please contact us(contact@mocreo.com) us and we would be happy to provide further assistance. In this case, please let us know what you have already tried so we will help you solve the problem by another way.

Checking Hub Status

  • If the sensor has been added to the application and you are using it with a Hub, but its reports are inconsistent or there is none at all, first make sure your Hub is online. Through Menu >>> Hubs in the application, you can check the status of a Hub.

  • If the Hub card is gray, it means that the Hub is currently offline and you need to restore your Hub online first.

  • If the Hub online card is displayed in green and you occasionally get data from the sensor but it is losing it regularly, please refer to this article for tips on this situation. If the sensor is not reporting data at all or you have confirmed that it is not a problem mentioned before, please continue with the rest of this article.

Trying to Operate the Sensor to Recover it

  • If the sensor has worked before, re-performing the add sensor process can effectively “restart” the sensor and make it work again.

  • If the sensor card is displayed in grey, it means the current Sensor is offline, then you can place the sensor near the Hub and give it a poke to recover online. (If you are using a temperature probe sensor, please check if the probe is inserted firmly)

  • If poking does not recover online, please refer to this article ST3 , ST4 , ST5 , ST6 , SW2 and try re-pairing the sensor.

Battery Power Insufficient

  • If you have tried all other methods and still can’t use it and the sensor has been used for a period of time, then it’s worth considering that the battery may need to be replaced or charged.

  • Click for more information on replacing the battery. Additionally, if your sensor does not respond after replacing the battery or charging it fully. You can click to view for solutions.

We are always here to help you

  • If you have tried all methods but still can’t get it to work properly, don’t worry, we are always here to help. Just contact us(contact@mocreo.com), and we will do our best to get your device back up and running as soon as possible!