refrigerator defrosting

- Background -

Automatic defrosting is a common method used in refrigerators to prevent frost buildup. It utilizes an electronic control system that periodically activates a heating element to melt the frost that accumulates on the surface of the refrigerator. This method is designed to improve the efficiency and lifespan of the refrigerator by preventing the buildup of excess frost.

There are three main types of automatic defrosting: time-controlled, temperature-controlled, and humidity-controlled.

Time-controlled defrosting is the most basic method and involves activating the heating element at fixed time intervals, usually every 6-12 hours.

Temperature-controlled defrosting utilizes a thermostat to maintain the temperature within a certain range. The defrost cycle is triggered based on the temperature readings.

Humidity-controlled defrosting monitors the relative humidity inside the refrigerator. When the humidity exceeds a certain threshold, the defrost cycle is triggered.

Regardless of the type, the principle of automatic defrosting is to periodically melt the frost on the evaporator surface by controlling the heating cycle. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and provides convenience for people.

- User Case -

As we know, during the defrost cycle, the refrigerator temperature usually increases because the cooling system shuts off and the heater turns on to melt the ice in the refrigerator. This process can cause the temperature inside the refrigerator to rise, but it typically returns to the normal cooling temperature range within a few hours. However, if the temperature of the refrigerator rises outside of this range, which often goes unnoticed, food stored in the refrigerator can be exposed to high temperatures and become spoiled.

MOCREO’s sensors can help you solve this problem. Just like one of our customers, by using our product to set the temperature alert limit above the temperature when not in the defrost cycle, they can receive the notification in time when there is abnormal temperature fluctuation. Just he said “ I loved this system. My devices are on the first floor. Just remember to set your alarm limits above the temperature that your freezer achieves in defrost cycle.” In addition, our customers also use our sensor to check if the refrigerator’s compressor is running properly. They check the compressor’s operating frequency, the defrost cycle’s duration, and the amount of time it takes to melt the refrigerator’s ice.

Also, we have another customer who shared with us that they were able to get a new refrigerator by using our product. “I bought the MOCREO temp kit and used it to watch the freezer temperature swings. When I went to the appliance store, I was able to show them on my phone that twice a day the freezer was doing a 40 degree defrost cycle. The freezer fans should turn off during defrost and not blow hot air into the compartment. The store delivered a new freezer on the very next Monday. The MOCREO saved me from having to deal with lost food and possibly months/years of warranty troubleshooting.”

- Benefits -

Our customers can monitor the performance of their freezers by viewing temperature data over specific time periods. By doing so, they can receive timely notifications if the temperature of their freezer goes beyond the normal range when it is not defrosting, or if there is no temperature peak during the defrosting period. Acting on these alerts can prevent food loss, extend the life of their freezer and save them from expensive repair bills.

In addition, our sensors can provide customers with 24/7 monitoring into how their freezer is functioning over time and these historical data can be exported into CVS format for further analysis. With MOCREO sensors, customers can benefit from better insights and more effective management of their freezer, leading to better-informed decision-making and better-effective action-taking.

- Future -

Overall, MOCREO’s sensors provide a simple yet effective solution for monitoring your refrigerator’s temperature and performance. Our sensors offer real-time monitoring, remote alerts and historical data storage, which can help you make informed decisions and take effective actions to ensure the safety and longevity of the refrigerators. 

If you are interested in using our sensor, click here to experience the benefits of MOCREO’s innovative and reliable products today.

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