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What is H5-Lite?

The H5-Lite is MOCREO’s newest IoT Hub with a display, bridging sensors and servers. It manages MOCREO BLE sensors effortlessly, helping you set up a slick remote monitoring system.

Its distinctive screen makes the H5-Lite a powerful local monitoring center. With the LCD screen, you can quickly check out temperature and humidity data, browse through historical graphs, and swiftly get updates on system status for quick troubleshooting, bringing you greater convenience and a better experience!

What's New About It?

The H5-Lite is the first IoT Hub with an LCD display. In addition to its IoT capabilities, it is also a powerful local monitoring center. With the H5-Lite’s screen, you can easily browse device data without switching Apps.

On the H5-Lite, you can monitor device temperature and humidity data, browse historical charts for your devices, access system information, get system status, and easily troubleshoot your devices.


Remote Monitoring

Real-time remote monitoring via App or Web Portal, check the temperature of the device anytime, anywhere. Gives you peace of mind.

H5-Lite Hub as a Local Monitor

The H5-Lite's LCD allows all sensor data to be checked on-site. Supported up to 30 Sensors. No need to use a phone.

Real-time Alert

App and Email notifications will be sent immediately when exceeding the threshold range. At the same time, a buzzer alert will sound on H5-Lite, so you will not miss any reminder whether locally or remotely.

Temperature range -40°F ~ 257°F, accuracy ±0.9°F, ideal for home and commercial grade use, can be used in various types of refrigerators and freezers.

Historical data export and online charts: The Sensor’s real-time data and historical temperature curves can be displayed on the App and H5-Lite, and the App supports exporting data.

Web-side management: Supports Web-side system management and settings, compatible with mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Supports Admin and Guest multi-level account and permission management.

The APP supports group management of devices.

System status monitoring: Hub offline notifications and delayed alarms can be set on the App to avoid system offline or false alarms. At the same time, the H5-Lite screen will also display the status of the Hub and Sensor to ensure the normal operation of the system.

H5-Lite supports external sensor probes: It can support external temperature sensor probes, and H5-Lite itself can also become a Sensor.

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