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- Background -

Maintaining the quality and efficacy of temperature-sensitive items is a top priority for the pharmaceutical and medical industry, which is not only for meeting the regulatory requirements but for protecting patient safety.

- Challenge -

Pharmacy personnel spends a lot of time and manual effort in managing medical resources. Imagine that, inefficient management methods can result in resource loss and poor storage conditions, leading to costly consequences.

Refrigerated storage equipment failure

Refrigerated storage
equipment failure

Overwhelming loss of medical resources: vaccines or medicines worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Lack of early warning mechanisms

Lack of early
warning mechanisms

Without the early warning system, it is too late to discover the problems until after the damage has been done!

Time-wasted manual recording

manual recording

The workload of traditional manual recording is heavy and the supervision is insufficient.

- Solution -

MOCREO offers 24/7 automated monitoring to give your pharmacy enhanced visibility, ensuring the protection of temperature-sensitive vaccines and medicines. Equipped with wireless sensors, it collects temperature data and detects abnormalities. 

In case of any issues, you and your team will receive alert notifications via email, App notification, and local buzzer, avoiding any negative impact on your medications. Quick ROI is guaranteed as MOCREO provides actionable insights and time-stamped data for compliance audits.

IoT-based temperature monitoring system

24/7 real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows you to directly see the current device status, including parameter values, temperature, and humidity levels.

3 optional instant alerts

Push notifications, emails, or device beeps will prompt people to take action if temperature goes above or below set limits

Data storage & export

Historical data export of each sensor ease staff on manual data checking, logging for analysis.

Multiple accessment

Users can log in at different devices to view the dashboard for real-time environment status checking. 

Local power failure alarm

The alarm will be triggered if equipment loses power unexpectedly, alerting you to prevent the situation from worsening.

Motion detection

Detect the state of a window or door and record when it is ajar. Sense the movement of people and monitor the sensitive areas.

- Benefits -

Reduce the manual recording

Reduce the manual recording

Process automation with wireless sensors reduces errors and allows teams to concentrate on more important tasks.

Avoid the accidental losses

Avoid the accidental losses

Through App notifications, email, or local alarm, staff can take the quick response, minimizing the risks and prevents medical resource loss.

Meet the regulatory compliances

Meet the regulatory compliances

Constant storage conditions preserve the quality of medical products, prevent contamination, and meet the strict regulations.

- Details -

The MOCREO pharmacy IoT solution is the system for monitoring environmental conditions remotely.

It has wireless sensors, a gateway for transmitting data, and a MOCREO platform for monitoring.

The system can send notifications, emails, and alarms if there is any abnormal condition. The solution is easy to install and can be scaled easily for large deployment.

MOCREO environmental monitoring system
medication storage temperature monitoring
Low temperature Sensor

Low temperature Sensor

Model: ST5

Function: To monitor the low temperature of refrigeration equipment, cold storage, etc. Historical data on the temperature can be recorded 

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temp & Humidity Sensor

Model: ST6 

Function: To monitor the temperature and humidity. Historical data can be recorded.

Door and window Sensor

Door and window Sensor

Model: SD1 

Function: Records the log of when the freezer door was open.  Automate the workflow and save the labor

Power failure alarm

Power failure alarm

Model: PT1

Function: To monitor once an equipment loses power, alarm instantly; Detect the smoke and fog in the room and detect the fire in time

Water leak Sensor

Water leak Sensor

Model: SW2 

Function: To detect whether there is water on the ground or to prevent medical products get moldy caused by water leakage in pharmacies

PIR Sensor

PIR Sensor

Model: PIR 

Function: To detect the presence of people in the area. Analyze the space utilization and presence log.

- Why MOCREO -

Stable system architecture

Our solution provides access and management capabilities for a large number of devices, connects your IoT devices to the cloud platform, supports device data collection on the cloud and issues commands to devices for remote control, and helps you quickly build IoT security monitoring solutions according to different application scenarios.

Low operating costs

The sensor operates with low power consumption and has a battery life of more than 2 years (8 Seconds an update). That means you needn’t charge the devices or change batteries frequently. A gateway can manage multiple devices to achieve an N+1 effect.

At the same time, you also needn’t train professionals to operate devices. Setup in minutes and easy to use. 

Easily scalable deployment

In the MOCREO solution, a single account manages the sensors that are installed at the multiple locations. To add one more sensor, you just need to place the sensor in the expected position and activate it within mins. To monitor another one location, you just deploy one more gateway.

- What Our Clients Said -

It keeps an eye on our temperature-sensitive medical resources

as well as frees us from troublesomely manual recording,

improving the working efficiency.

I’m happy with the products.


Because we creates custom compounds based on what our customers need

we need to make sure the medications are stored at the stable temperature

Otherwise, the efficacy of them would be impaired and bring bad effect

on our customers' skin. If so, we definitely lose our customers.


We offer immunizations for all ages, but it's crucial to store vaccines

at the right temperature to maintain their potency.

Improper storage can render them ineffective

and unusable leading to wastage of medical resources.

We prioritize strict temperature monitoring

to ensure vaccine safety and efficacy.

Desertlife Pharmacy

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MOCREO automated monitoring solution peace of mind. Keep an eye on your medical resources. You could click here to try one sample out. 


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- Future -

Automatic data monitoring & storage is the future trend in the pharmaceutical industry. It is essential to medical product monitoring and regular risk inspection and early warning because medical products are related to public health. IoT technology has been around for years, impacting the daily lives of many of us, but has only recently become the necessary technology in pharmacies.

With an IoT temperature monitoring system, pharmacy operations personnel can remotely monitor any temperature-controlled storage system. Meanwhile, our system could automatically, precisely record data and provide instant alerts when power outages or in-unit temperature conditions exceed or fall below predetermined thresholds. This will be an indispensable solution for pharmacies to reduce the unexpected costs and increase efficiency.

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