The IoT Hub is a crucial component in an IoT solution, BLE Hub is one type of IoT Hub. You might have heard it before, but do you truly understand its purpose and functioning?

BLE Hub is a device that connects Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices to the internet. BLE is a wireless technology used for short-range communication in low-power applications like IoT devices and sensors. The Hub serves as a bridge between Bluetooth devices and other internet-connected devices, such as cloud servers, mobile phones, and computers.

With a BLE Hub, users can connect and centrally manage, monitor, and control BLE devices, creating an intelligent IoT system.

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What is a BLE Hub?

A BLE Hub serves as a bridge between Bluetooth devices (such as sensors and beacons) and the Cloud or client-server, similar to an internet router. The MOCREO BLE Hub is designed to support diverse protocols like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), making it an ideal choice for industrial applications. It enhances the flexibility and efficiency of IoT infrastructures by utilizing standard interfaces like MQTT, REST APIs, and GRPC.

How It Works

In order to effectively operate and gather data from nearby Bluetooth devices, the BLE Hub maintains a continuous scan within a radius of approximately 100 meters. These devices transmit signals periodically to notify the Hub of their existence. The Hub captures the transmitted data in frame format and publishes it on an MQTT broker for convenient retrieval from the cloud or server.

A Bluetooth Low Energy Hub has the capability to operate in both Advertising mode and connected mode. In Advertising mode, the Hub exclusively focuses on collecting data, while in connected mode, it enables bidirectional communication. In connected mode, commands can be sent from the cloud or server to the BLE devices via an MQTT broker.

Benefit Of BLE Hub

Seamless Connectivity

The BLE Hub acts as a bridge, linking BLE devices with other networks in the Internet of Things. It enables fast, secure, and dependable communication between BLE devices and cloud-based applications or other networked devices. This allows effective centralized management and control of BLE devices.

Centralized Administration

The BLE Hub enables centralized management and monitoring of multiple BLE devices. It allows device configuration, firmware upgrades, sensor data collection, and remote control operations from a central location. This simplifies maintenance and operations, improving overall efficiency.

Data Aggregation and Analysis

The BLE Hub can collect data from multiple BLE devices and consolidate it for detailed processing and analysis. This capability allows for comparing, correlating, and cross-analyzing data from different devices, providing comprehensive insights. This is highly valuable for monitoring, prediction, and decision support purposes.

Use Cases

Smart Healthcare

In hospital settings, Bluetooth Hub play a pivotal role, assuming significant importance. They facilitate the connection of diverse medical devices, enabling remote monitoring, providing localization and navigation functionalities, aiding in asset management, and enhancing operational efficiency. These devices have the potential to enhance the overall patient experience, optimize resource allocation, and provide healthcare professionals with precise data to support informed decision-making processes.

Smart Industry

Bluetooth Hub facilitates device interconnection and data exchange in smart manufacturing, offering real-time monitoring and remote control capabilities. They enable equipment positioning, and management, and enhance production efficiency and safety while preventing equipment damage. By communicating with other smart devices, Bluetooth Hub automate and optimize production processes, delivering increased benefits and competitiveness to the smart manufacturing industry.

Logistic & Warehouse

In logistics and warehousing, Bluetooth Hub enables seamless equipment connection, real-time monitoring, and management. They offer IoT support, making the logistics chain more intelligent and efficient while reducing errors and delays. Logistics and warehousing managers can track vital information like cargo location, temperature, and humidity in real-time using Bluetooth Hub. This optimization of logistics processes and accurate inventory management boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Smart Buildings

In smart buildings, Bluetooth Hub enables device connection and data transmission for automatic control and intelligent management. Various smart devices in the building, like temperature control and security systems, can communicate and collaborate through the Bluetooth Hub, enhancing energy efficiency. The Hub also facilitates indoor positioning for personnel and resource management. By incorporating Bluetooth Hub, smart buildings offer a more comfortable, secure, and energy-saving environment, enhancing the overall living and working experience.


Smart devices comply with the wireless certification and security certification, FCC, CE, and UL.
Provide competitive prices so that more people can use it while ensuring the best quality of the product.
Utilizing low-power BLE technology, MOCREO products are relatively stable.
Data privacy&security are guaranteed, and data collection is in the hands of the device user or administrator.
Customizable Logo&Firmware
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