It is important to know the temperature conditions for you

Are you bothering with the abnormal temperature fluctuations 

but you failed to discover that in advance?

Because of that, you have no choice but to deal with the overwhelming losses

MOCREO's real-time temperature
monitoring system is the ideal solution for you

be cost-effective for avoiding unplanned cost

be time-saving for manual monitoring

be easy for scalable deployment

MOCREO monitor remotely

Alert instantly temperature

Anywhere at any time

multiple deployment

With A Temperature

Monitoring System With Instant Alert

It Plays A Key Role In

Predictive Maintenance And Regular Inspection

Multiple Features

temperature and humidity monitoring

Remote Monitor

You can always know the real-time temperature conditions of facilities anywhere at any time even though you are not at the site.

Instant Alert

Notifies you through app notification, email alert, beeping on the Hub when temperature & humidity exceeds the set value.

Data Storage/Export

Free storage of 3 months of historical data for your analysis or export to CSV for historical track.

Accurate Data

Build-in the Swiss-Made Sensor chip (SHT30), MOCREO Sensor provides you with the accurate value. 

Multiple Occasions

Single hub supports up to 10 sensors to be connected at multiple occasions

Multi-Device Access

Easy for multiple users or devices to log into the same account and monitor and get alerts.

How It Works

how MOCREO sensor works

Why Clients Choose MOCREO

"Software easy to download, easy to setup, easy to use.

The best customer service dept!"

Joe Arwood

"The APP push notification is a great feature. "


"I've never had this great level of

customer support from any manufacturer! "


"Saved me from losing hundreds of dollars of food."


"I wanted an alert if the refrigerator door was left open

or there was a mechanical issue with the refrigerator. "


"The ability to export a CSV file for

a given time range is very helpful. "


MOCREO Temperature & Humidity sensor Products


ST4 Temperature Sensor Kit

Measurable Data: Temperature

Push Notification:✓

Remote Monitor:✓

Temperature Range:-40°F~257°F (-40°C~125°C)



ST3 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Kit

Measurable Data: Temperature & Humidity

Push Notification:✓

Remote Monitor:✓

Temperature Range:-4°F~140°F (-20°C~60°C)

Accuracy:±0.3℃, ±3%RH

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