Environmental Monitoring
for Peace of Mind

Remote Alerts

No Hidden Fee

Real-time Monitoring

Free Data Storage/Export

Keep an eye on your asset

Peace of mind

With MOCREO environmental monitoring solution, you can access the real-time environmental condition anywhere and be notified when something abnormal occurs

MOCREO IoT environmental monitoring system

With MOCREO Environmental Monitoring System

Get Real-time Insights

Realize the remote monitoring in real time even though you aren’t at the site

Predictive Alert

The potential can be discovered in time before it becomes worse

Simplify the Workflow

Replace the tradition manual inspection, freeing more time doing other things

Avoid the Extra Cost

Reduce the your valuable assets loss with predictive alert

What Our Solution Serves for







Sold sensors Up to

50+ Thousand

Doing business in

46+ Countries

Support clients

10+ Thousand

Data points to date

750+ Million

IoT Sensors

Temperature Sensor
Temp & Humidity Sensor
temperature data logger
Temperature Sensor
Water Leak Sensor

Long Term Availability

We will be offering at least one product line of MOCREO devices until at least 12/31/2030, and will be guaranteeing the same conditions in terms of the availability of core functions for this same period. This includes installation, configuration, start-up and operation (via various user interface devices, including selected smartphones). The way we will do this is by:

  • offering MOCREO hardware and application plus a licensed cloud-based solution, and/or
  • releasing the MOCREO-related open-source interface options for what will then be a generally available community solution.

What Our Clients Said

We lost a lot of meat after the door wasn’t shut well.

This is an excellent price for a monitoring system

and it has been working very well for us.

Additionally, the system's data export function allows us

to provide supervisors with relevant information.


Because we creates custom compounds based on what our customers need

we need to make sure the medications are stored at the stable temperature

Otherwise, the efficacy of them would be impaired

and bring bad effect on our customers' skin.

If so, we definitely lose our customers.


It keeps an eye on our temperature-sensitive medical resources

We like the function that we can set up alarm temperatures

Additionally, it frees us from troublesomely manual recording,

improving the working efficiency. We are happy with the products


MOCREO has peace of mind knowing that my beef is safe

Once I lost 20 pounds of Beef because one fridge stopped cooling

But now, with MOCREO sensors, I can remotely monitor my freezer

anywhere at any time and get the timely notification

when the temperature is outside the normal range.


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