Temperature Humidity Sensor

Although the traditional thermostat can display the current temperature & humidity, on some occasions, you might need more

  • When you are not at home, but you want to know the temperature indoor remotely.
  • You want someone to notify you when the temperature inside the freezer drops beyond your desired range.
  • Your time and energy are very valuable, sticking your eyes on the panel all the time is out of the questions. You need a helper to remind you in time when something happens.
  • You want to know the historical temperature and humidity data within a certain time range of your little garden and freezer.

MOCREO is the ONE for you

Suppose you have put a MOCREO unit at home, and you are away from home

  • You may launch the MOCREO Sensor App to check the current temperature and humidity of your house, whether you need to remind your family members to turn on the heating or air conditioner in the room, providing your family with considerate care.
  • When the temperature in the refrigerator exceeds your desired value, MOCREO Sensor App will promptly send you (or your family members) Push notifications and email so that you can take timely measures. It makes things smarter.
  • You are very concerned about the growth environment of your small garden plants. You may view historical data curves through the MOCREO Sensor App, or export the data for analysis purposes.
  • It’s easy for multiple users to log into the same account and monitored and get alerts. This makes it also ideal for families or businesses that share responsibility for homes, bedrooms, freezers, pets, greenhouse,nursery house or anywhere.

Making life more comfortable and smarter is what MOCREO always tries to achieve, more to explore.

Multiple Features


Multiple Occasions


Instant Alert

 Less is more. With just one MOCREO hub, multiple occasions can be monitored with just adding sensors. Single hub supports up to 16 sensors to be connected. Very budget friendly!

With build-in Swiss-Made Sensor chip, MOCREO Sensor provides you with the accurate value. You provide your loved ones with tenderness.

 Perfect choice for monitoring the temp&humidity of the freezer or indoor occasions. Notifies you when Temperature & Humidity exceeds the set value.

Remote Monitor

Data Storage/Export

Multi-Device Access

 No matter where you go away, you can always access your sensors to know their temperature and humidity conditions. The MOCREO app and Web Portal allow you to conveniently track historical temperature data at any time.

 Free storage of 2 years of historical data. You can see hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly historical data graphs for your analysis or export to CSV for historical track.

 It’s easy for multiple users or devices to log into the same account and monitor and get alerts. This makes it also ideal for families or businesses that share responsibility for homes, freezers, greenhouse, laboratory, or anywhere.

Start Setup Your MOCREO Kit

Easy to Set

Just a few simple steps,
start now build your smart home

Watch a short video to learn how to set them up

How to Setup ST4 Temperature Sensor Kit

Watch a short video to learn how to set them up

How to set up Push Notification

MOCERO is dedicated to developing a smart home system.

Remote monitoring is one of the important features that most of our modern people care about.

What’s more, In terms of ‘remote monitoring’, MOCREO device can support three types of alert:
– Push Notification
– Email Alert
– Beeping on the Hub

Explore more on the video

Customers Reviews

So far this thing is worth it’s weight in gold! I can access the data from anywhere. The alarm notified me just as I had hoped. App is user friendly and setup was a breeze.
We are using this to keep track of the temperature in our RV when we are away from it. We have pets and want to make sure that if something happens and the A/C or Heat fails that we can get someone in there to take care of them or get back before they become sick. So far it is tracking good.
It has worked perfectly. I can see the data from anywhere in the world and the software produces excellent graphs that are easy to manipulate and read.
These sensors have worked flawlessly and with all of the detailed data we were able to point at the GC and demonstrate how their work affected the temps in our spaces. These have worked so well, we are buying more for other project sites.
Jason Pepino

MOCREO Water Leak Sensor

The Water Leak Sensor Is Now Available!

Are you worried about water leakage when you are not at home? Try MOCREO Water Leak Sensor.
Detect the water leakage in time with the help of the MOCREO Water Leak Sensor. 

Add it to the MOCREO hub like a climate sensor, then you can monitor water leakage via the MOCREO Sensor app from anywhere.
Get it to build your MOCREO system!

Powerful Feature

Flood Detection:

Whenever the Water Leak Sensor detects leakage, it can send an alert to your phone and activate the local alarm on the Hub to notify you.

Mini & Sensitive:

There are no annoying wires, the ultra mini design allows you to put it anywhere that dripping and leaking could happen. Our water leak sensor is designed with sensitive leak probes which the threshold of the water level is 0.5mm.


It can be added seamlessly to your current MOCREO system by connecting to the MOCREO hub.