NB-IoT Gateway

The G5 IoT Gateway acts as a reliable companion for assets in the entire supply chain, gathering Bluetooth data and instantly uploading it to your cloud. It transforms vehicle activities into actionable intelligence, enhancing your business solutions and transforming supply chain management through continuous real-time visibility.
This is achieved through the utilization of Bluetooth technology, LTE-M & NB-IoT communications, and GPS tracking. As part of customer testing, the gateway comes preloaded with 30MB of data.


Seamless Connectivity, Amplified Efficiency

Maximize operational efficiency in logistics with the G5’s integrated BLE, LTE, and GPS antennas. Enjoy seamless connectivity, efficient data storage, and automatic reconnection. With wide-ranging vehicle voltage support and MQTT compatibility, your operations will run smoothly, boosting productivity and minimizing disruptions.

Revolutionize Your Supply Chain

Enable advanced Bluetooth connectivity, effortless mode switching between gateway and tracker, and leverage edge computing to unlock valuable insights, optimize operations, and seamlessly integrate for superior supply chain performance.

Higher Level Cold Chain Monitoring

Achieve unparalleled excellence in cold chain monitoring with the G5. Safeguard the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods through real-time tracking, immediate alerts, and advanced analytics, enabling you to optimize cold chain management and ensure optimal conditions throughout the entire process.

Limitless Possibilities in Rich Scenes

G5 enables businesses across multiple industries to attain unmatched productivity. Whether you’re seeking enhanced logistics transparency, advanced cold chain monitoring, streamlined site operations, or optimized asset management, it provides a holistic and all-encompassing solution.

Various Scene Solutions

Cold Chain Monitoring

The G5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway plays a vital role in cold chain transportation by offering essential monitoring and tracking features. When combined with temperature sensors and environmental monitoring devices, it enables real-time monitoring of crucial parameters like temperature and humidity. This ensures the quality and safety of cold chain goods, including food, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology products, throughout transportation.

Logistics Visibility

The G5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway provides real-time visibility and monitoring in logistics. When combined with logistics management systems, it captures and transmits information for real-time monitoring of goods’ progress, location, and delivery status. It proves especially beneficial for item tracking, optimizing routes, and making real-time adjustments to transportation plans.

Site Operation

The G5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway ensures dependable on-site connectivity with mobile LTE. It enables instant data access and transmission for on-site workers. Whether it’s construction sites or outdoor workplaces, it facilitates real-time equipment monitoring, file sharing, and progress updates, fostering seamless collaboration and communication among team members.

Asset Management

The G5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway seamlessly integrates with sensors and trackers for efficient asset management. It offers a dependable connection for IoT devices, enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of asset location, status, and utilization. In a large warehouse, it empowers managers to effortlessly track and manage items stored in various locations using location tags.

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