IoT Edge Gateway

MOCREO IoT Edge Gateway expands the functionality of localized edge devices by bringing cloud capabilities closer and offering edge computing services characterized by minimal delays, cost-effectiveness, privacy protection, and local autonomy.

By seamlessly integrating third-party devices into MOCREO’s ecosystem, you can accelerate the development of industry-specific IoT applications utilizing a gateway that intelligently responds to local events.


Gateway Software Decoupled

Effortlessly deploy cloud configurations to edge gateways through a few straightforward steps, enabling seamless integration and collaboration between devices and the cloud environment.

Multi-Protocol Rapid Integration

Offer protocol drivers to establish connections with commonly used sub-devices. Utilize toolsets to create drivers for custom protocols.

Standard Thing Data Model

Utilize the Things Data Model to define devices, enabling streamlined development through standardized integration solutions.

Device&Cloud Collaborative Deployment

Effortlessly deploy cloud configurations to edge gateways through a few straightforward steps, enabling seamless integration and collaboration between devices and the cloud environment.

Visualized UI Design

The edge gateway incorporates a user-friendly console that simplifies the configuration process at the installation site.

Robust Ecosystem

Integrate your third-party smart devices into MOCREO’s ecosystem to leverage industry-leading IoT applications and explore a variety of scenarios.


The MOCREO IoT Edge Gateway supports running in standard containers and facilitates interaction with sub-devices through data collection, parsing, cleansing, aggregation, and storage. It ensures data security, enables real-time device control, facilitates scene linkage, promotes edge-cloud synergy, and ensures reliable offline operation over extended periods of time.

Secure Transmission
Provide multiple features such as device authentication and access control.

Multiple Protocols
ZigBee, BLE, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, and LoRa, choose the right protocol that suits the use cases better.

Log System
Generate local system logs, remote logs, and serial output logs.

Stable Performance
Enable online link detection and automatic reconnection.

Remote O&M
Query network connection status and router status, and allow remote updates.

Easy Configuration
Apply web, SSH, and serial configurations.


Data Acquisition & Transmission

It can connect various sensors and devices, such as temp&humidity sensors, location tags, etc., to collect data on the environment and goods in real-time.

Real-time monitoring&Alarm

Through the edge gateway, the environmental parameters of cold chain logistics can be monitored in real time, and thresholds can be set for alarming. For example, if the temperature exceeds the safe range, the edge gateway can send an alert immediately so that timely measures can be taken to avoid damage to the goods.

Policy Support

Based on the data and analysis results collected by the edge gateway, it can provide decision support for cold chain logistics. For example, predict the arrival time of goods based on temperature changes, and rationally plan transportation routes and storage arrangements.

Device Connection

Connect smart devices across protocols, such as temperature and humidity sensors, smart sockets, PIR sensors, etc. Users can manage and control the device on the app.

Remote monitoring

No matter where the user is, they can monitor the equipment at home through the mobile application. Edge gateways provide greater flexibility and convenience.

Energy Management

The edge gateway can monitor the energy consumption of smart home devices, and perform energy management and optimization. For example, it can intelligently adjust the use of equipment based on time and power usage, achieving energy conservation and optimization.

Data Acquisition & Monitoring

The edge gateway connects to sensors for real-time collection and monitoring of environmental data both inside and outside the greenhouse. This data facilitates monitoring of plant growth conditions, enabling farmers to adjust climate settings based on greenhouse climate conditions.

Smart Irrigation&fertilization

Using collected environmental data, the edge gateway determines soil moisture and plant water and fertilizer needs. It then automatically controls irrigation and fertilizer systems, enabling precise resource management and enhancing crop growth efficiency.

Data Analysis&Decision Support

The edge gateway analyzes real-time data using edge computing, enabling it to detect anomalies, monitor crop growth, and offer decision support. By providing optimization suggestions and scientific decision-making tools, significantly enhances agricultural production efficiency.


IoT Edge Gateway Core

The flexible framework provides operational and management tools for deploying additional protocols according to specific requirements. It is compatible with gateways using both x86 and Arm architectures.

Quick Start

Explore in-depth the deployment and utilization of IoT Edge Gateway, including the simulation of a device, and gain practical experience in the complete development process using the Edge Gateway.

loT Edge Gateway Ul

Enhance the user interface of the web-based platform to simplify the configuration and visualization of the gateway and its associated sub-devices.

Device Installation&Activation

Obtain, install, and activate the IoT Edge Gateway via MOCREO’s mobile application/Web Portal to establish a connection between the gateway and smart devices.

Gateway Debugging&Driver Testing

Test and troubleshoot device control APIs using the API Explorer page.


Smart devices comply with the wireless certification and security certification, FCC, CE, and UL.

The gateway provides an API interface that enables seamless integration between different systems and platforms.

Customizable Logo&Firmware

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