- Background -

When a home or business site is hit by a burst pipe or a flood, the damage can be overwhelming. Restoration teams need to respond quickly and dry out the affected areas efficiently. The MOCREO Real-time Humidity Monitoring System is a new tool that is changing the game in the industry.

- About Protechs, Inc -

Protechs expertise utilizing the latest tools and technology has helped our clients mitigate damage very quickly. If a problem exists, we will find it and resolve it very quickly so our clients’ homes and businesses are returned to a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

- How MOCREO System can help -

By placing Humidity sensors strategically: one outside to set a standard and another at the restoration site. The outside sensor serves as a benchmark, while the one inside the restoration site as an indicator of the current humidity level. The humidity Sensor measures the ambient humidity every 15 seconds and uploads the data to the MOCREO Server in real time. Below are the features and benefits:

Real-time temperature monitoring

These sensors keep an eye on the humidity levels, which are very important for drying out wet areas. The staff can know how well the dehumidifier works and plan their work.

Remote Alerts

A key feature of this system is its alert system. It notifies Protechs staff if humidity levels go off track or if someone has shut the dehumidifier by accident. This instant feedback allows for quick actions to make sure everything is on track. Provides peace of mind.


Historical Data (Dry log)

Moreover, the system creates a log of past temperature and humidity readings. This log is important for insurance purposes as it helps confirm the restoration team’s work and simplifies the insurance claim process with detailed records.


Save Huge Manual Labor

Before: The insurance company or restoration team has to send someone to the site to record the humidity reading. One hour drive to the site, one hour on the site, and one-hour back office. 3 hours/site.
There will be dozens of sites under restoration. hundreds of hours will be wasted just to get the humidity reading!

After: No matter where you are, open the MOCREO App/Web Portal, and get the current humidity reading. Done in 1 minute!

Turn the 3-hour work into a 1-minute, small investment with a huge return.


- Insight -

The MOCREO Real-time Humidity Monitoring System provides big value for water damage restoration. It offers real-time monitoring, remote alerts, and detailed historical data.

By using the MOCREO Real-time monitoring system, restoration teams can work more efficiently, achieve better drying results, and comply with insurance requirements.

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