Using Temperature Controller

For Your Home Brewing and fermentation

Real-time Monitoring | Automatic temperature control | Local instant alert

- Background -

To craft a libation that aligns with one’s discerning palate, a devoted commitment of weeks, if not months, is requisite for the pursuit of home brewing & fermentation.
Within this hallowed process, temperature control assumes paramount importance.
For any temperature aberrations during the course of home brewing & fermentation, such deviations hold the potential to cast an indelible impact upon the taste, aroma, and texture of the final brew, thereby deviating from the anticipated style and standards of excellence.

- Challenge -

Brewing temperature is too low:

Too low a temperature can cause too much acid to be produced during fermentation, making the brew taste too sour.

Brewing temperature is too high:

Too high a temperature may lead to the production of too many esters, making the brewed product taste too fruity.

The temperature of the brew is abnormal:

Abnormal temperature may cause the growth and reproduction of bacteria or mold in the fermentation vessel, resulting in contamination of the fermentation process. This can result in a lower quality brewed product, a bad taste, or even make it unfit for consumption.

During the fermentation process, the temperature fluctuates violently or lasts abnormally for a long time:

During the fermentation process, the temperature fluctuates sharply or continues abnormally for a long time, which may lead to inconsistent quality of brewed products during the shelf life, and cannot achieve the desired stability and persistence.

What is automatic temperature control ?

You can preset the temperature you want to control, and then plug your temperature control device into the temperature controller.
When the temperature is outside the normal range, the temperature controller will sound an alarm and control the power of the connected heating or cooling equipment to achieve the set temperature.
Let you no longer need to worry about these annoying abnormal temperatures.

The benefits of automatic temperature control

A Cost-Effective Solution For You

Real-time monitoring and detection

The temperature controller 24/7 detects the ambient temperature in real time and controls the power of the connected heating or cooling equipment to achieve the desired temperature control.

Automatic temperature control

Real-time detection of ambient temperature and automatic temperature calibration to achieve more accurate temperature setting, monitoring and control, and provide more security for monitoring objects

Local instant alert

If the temperature exceeds the threshold range you set, the temperature controller will send an alarm locally for peace of mind.

MOCREO Products

ST7-CL Temperature Controller

ST7-CL Temperature Controller

Automated Power Control:✓

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring:✓

Local Instant Alarm:✓

Temperature Range:14°F ~ 50°F (-10°C ~ 40°C)


±0.9°F/±0.5°C (-10°C/14°F ~ 85°C/185°F)

±1.8°F/±1°C (-30°C/-22°F ~ -10°C/14°F,

85°C/185°F ~ 100°C/212°F)

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