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A professional landscaping management company in the United States is committed to providing high-quality landscape design, construction, and maintenance services, while actively innovating and using modern technology to optimize management processes and improve work efficiency.

They needed a practical device that could obtain real-time employee location information, acquire employee work situations, and use data to improve management efficiency while ensuring employee safety. In the process of looking for a suitable IoT technology partner, they discovered MOCREO, and we were able to provide them with a one-stop ODM solution to meet their project needs.


Through discussions with the customer, we provided a solution with 4G location watches. Our 4G watches have real-time GPS location and Bluetooth device monitoring functions, which can record employee location data and tool usage and report it to the server in real-time through the 4G network. The management team of the operation can check the employee’s location and retrieve work data through the cloud platform at any time.

In addition, the watch is set up with an account and password in advance, stored in the company’s database. When employees receive the watch, The device is currently connected to the server and configured to upload data automatically without the need for manual operation. That is very user-friendly for workers.

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In the end, the customer was very satisfied with the solution we provided, which not only helped the company improve management efficiency, but also increased work efficiency and ensure employee safety. Our ODM service provided them with a practical solution, improving daily management efficiency.

Ensure Efficiency

It help managers view employee work progress at any time to ensure work efficiency.

Ensure Safety

When an emergency occurs, the managers can discover the problem in timely and take action in the first time to ensure employee safety.

Attendance Management

Record employee attendance to avoid irregularities such as "proxy sign-in" and ensure the fairness of park management and employee labor compensation.

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