IoT Solutions For Cold Chain

Our IoT-based cold chain solutions cater to your specific logistics requirements. Whether it’s monitoring the transportation of goods from farms to supermarkets or ensuring the integrity of temperature-sensitive products, MOCREO leverage IoT technology to offer comprehensive tracking capabilities.

The significance of cold chain technology has grown exponentially due to the increasing demand for refrigerated storage and transport capacities. This heightened need has generated a corresponding demand for high-quality fresh products. Additionally, the medical industry heavily relies on cold chain IoT Technology to maintain the integrity of pharmaceuticals, as malfunctions can lead to the spoilage of over 20% of all drugs produced. Furthermore, the staggering amount of food wastage every year emphasizes the crucial role of cold chain solutions in preserving perishable items. With our MOCREO cold chain solutions, you can effectively address these pressing issues and optimize your logistical operations.

IoT Devices Equipped With Cold Chain Technology

Ultra low temperature sensor
ST10-Ultra Low Temperature Sensor
temperature data logger
ST8-Temp Data Logger
ST6-Temp&Humidity Sensor
temperature data logger
ST7-Temp Sensor-Local Alarm
SW2-Water Leakage Sensor

MOCREO Cold Chain Monitoring Features

Precise Temp Measurement

It is capable of detecting temperatures ranging from-328°F to+104°Ffor accurate measurements in ultra-low temperature environments.

Location tags

By utilizing location tags, the remote monitoring center can instantly inquire about the whereabouts of any product or package. 


With 4.9ft waterproof external probe for extreme conditions, which can detect and record ambient temperature in real-time.

Historical Data Transfer

Our system provides historical data logging, real-time online data graphs, and a free 6-month data export feature. With us, you can easily track past data, view live graphs, and export data for analysis.

Prevent Flooding Problems

Real-time water level monitoring, coupled with instant alarm notifications, enables prompt action by operators.SW2 ensures goods quality, equipment reliability, and transportation system stability, improving cold chain efficiency and safety.

Real-Time Alert

The sensor monitors the environment in real time. When abnormal fluctuation occurs, the alert notification would be sent to you via email, App notification, or local buzzer.


Reduce the cost

Improves product safety

Reduces product wastage, resulting in increased shipping profits

Reduces the likelihood of defective products reaching end consumers

Sustains the integrity and consistency of products, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and support

Cold chains facilitates the seamless entry of products into new markets and boosts export capabilities

Our Capability To Provide Cold Chain Solutions

MOCREO’s cold chain solutions ensure regulatory compliance, product excellence, and seamless operational efficiency for your business. Safeguard the integrity of your cold chains throughout the entire delivery process using a comprehensive range of MOCREO’s cold chain elements.

Our offerings include IoT temperature sensors for manufacturing, warehouses, and shipments, as well as wireless tags with temperature sensors for tracking cold chains on trucks, ISO carriage containers, freezers, and warehouses. With MOCREO, gain a complete end-to-end perception across your entire supply chain.

Sensors Devices
IoT Solutions
SDK&API Provided
Customizable Logo&Firmware

Why Work With MOCREO For Your Cold Chain Solution?

MOCREO is a premier provider of temperature-controlled cold chain solutions. Our diverse range of uninterrupted cold chain solutions empowers you to:

  • Efficiently detect and address any potential issues in your cold chain system
  • Mitigate financial losses associated with product spoilage
  • Enhance food quality, safety, and customer satisfaction
  • Ensure proper transportation and storage of products within recommended temperature ranges
  • Gain valuable data insights for optimization and informed decision-making
  • Customize the logo and firmware according to your preferences
  • Extend the maintenance period for better system upkeep


A temperature-controlled IoT supply chain can be referred to as an IoT cold chain. These cold chain solutions ensure the safety of products during their journey through refrigerated manufacturing, storage, and distribution processes. Key applications of IoT cold chain solutions encompass:

Effectively addressing cold storage issues in a timely manner
Transmitting real-time automated information from IoT-enabled sensors to cold chain management
Monitoring cold supply chains from a distance


A lot of industries reap the advantages of cold chain technology. Sectors dealing with perishable goods such as meat, dairy, and frozen foods primarily utilize cold chain technologies. Additionally, other industrial products also make use of cold chain solutions, including:


Biopharmaceuticals and Vaccines

Protects medications from potential damage caused by freezing or overheating, safeguarding the temperature integrity of drugs and organic samples during transportation, thus minimizing the risk of costly drug loss and life-threatening spoilage incidents.

Refrigerated logistics

Ensures the availability of properly refrigerated fresh and frozen food to consumers and helps prevent environmental contamination caused by temperature-damaged products.

Manufacturing industry

Facilitates the real-time documentation of environmental conditions during the entire supply chain process.
Constantly monitors signals and impacts throughout production, operations, storage, and distribution phases.
Alerts the user when packages are subjected to temperatures that exceed the protective capabilities of the products, ensuring timely notification.

How Does Cold Chain Solution Work?

The primary goal of cold chain solutions is to maintain product quality throughout the supply chain by preserving a consistent temperature.
This is achieved through continuous monitoring and logging of cold chain data and temperatures, ensuring that products and packages remain uncompromised until reaching the final consumer.
Cold chain solutions are crucial because once a product loses its potency, regaining or restoring its viability becomes challenging.

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