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for Pharmacy Temp and Humidity Monitoring

Remote Monitoring | Instant Alerts | Auto Data Collection

- Background -

The SaaS (Software as a Service) was used in pharmacy and hospital to streamline the operation, which includes medicine stock management, order management, bill management and so on, which is beneficial for improving the working efficiency and the daily Pharmacy management processes.

It’s important to note that one of the key aspects of daily pharmacy management is maintaining a stable and proper environment for storing medications. That means, without the optimal storage temperature, the efficacy of these temperature-sensitive items would be impaired, which causes the medical resource loss. These issues actually is reported in many news.

450 doses of vaccine thrown away in UK after refrigerator problem

Nearly 1,400 COVID vaccine doses thrown out on Maui due to improperly sealed freezer

Thousands of COVID vaccine doses wasted in NY

Hence, it is necessary for pharmacy monitoring the environment in real-time and alert instantly when something abnormal occurs.

Enabling temperature monitoring in your services can offer a higher level of service for your customers, which sets you apart from the competition and develops your business.

- Benefits -

24/7 Monitoring

Keep an eye on the valuable pharmaceutical assets anywhere at any moment

Instant Alert

Alert in time to inform the staff to take actions and minimize the loss

Improved Efficiency

Replace the traditional manual logging, saving time for doing thing that matters

Integrated Service

Providing cohesive services enhances customer experience

Greater Loyalty

Customized services build stronger customer relationships

Better Business

Integrated services and improve customer experience for continued business growth

- Challenge -

When it comes to adding temperature monitoring to your service pack, you may face challenges in developing hardware devices on your own. This typically requires extensive experience and can be costly and time-consuming.

Given your focus on software development, you may find that hardware development presents two significant challenges that your team may not be equipped to handle.

Lack of experience in hardware development and manufacture

Significant time and money investment

- Solution -

We can do that for you! We can provide you with the IoT Devices (Sensor and Hub), that can directly transmit the data to your server, making the temperature monitoring part of your services.


How do we do that?

  • The sensors will measure the ambient temperature and transmit to the Hub.
  • Customizing the firmware of the hub allows data to be directly reported to your own server and equips your services with all the temperature monitoring features, providing significant benefits.

What the benefits of this solution?

  • Higher Data Security: All transmissions between Sensor and Hub are encrypted with AES-128. The connection between the system and your server is WPA2/WPA3/TLSv1.2 protected.
  • Better User Experience: By reporting data directly to your own servers, you can obtain data more quickly and can freely allocate and utilize your data.

- Why Choose Us -

No Hardware to Manufacture

Proven reliable technology and professional development team. Accelerate the pace of bringing the product to market.

Firmware Development

Make the IoT device transmit the data directly to your server. Streamline the dataflow.

White-label solution

With your logo on the product, keep the consistency of the branding.

Out-of-the-box IoT Solution

Developing your own solution takes time. We offer a quick and affordable solution to bring your products to market faster.

Cost-effective Solution

Offering cost-effective solutions that meet budget restrictions without compromising quality or performance.

Reliable Supply Chain

Experienced in supply chain management to ensure high-quality products and on-time service delivery.

- Details -

Take our turn-key solution MOCREO Pharmacy IoT solution as an example:

It contains wireless IoT sensors, a Hub (i.e. Gateway) for transmitting data, and a MOCREO platform for monitoring.

The system can send notifications, emails, and alarms if there is any abnormal condition. The solution is easy to deploy and can be scaled easily for large deployment.

With the intelligent measurement and control system, the remote monitoring terminals (including various environmental sensors and industrial gateway wireless communication terminal) are installed at each collection and monitoring point as a distributed control node station. 

Sensors type available: low temperature sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, infrared detector, door and window sensor, power failure alarm, water leak sensor, etc.

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Reliable, proven technology
medication storage temperature monitoring
Low temperature Sensor

Low Temp Sensor

Model: ST5

Function: To monitor the low temperature of refrigeration equipment, cold storage, etc. Historical data on the temperature can be recorded.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temp & Humidity Sensor

Model: ST6 

Function: To monitor the temperature and humidity. Historical data can be recorded.

Door and window Sensor

Door and Window Sensor

Model: SD1 

Function: Records the log of when the freezer door was open.  Automate the workflow and save the labor.

Power failure alarm

Power Failure Alarm

Model: PT1

Function: To monitor once an equipment loses power, alarm instantly; Detect the smoke and fog in the room and detect the fire in time.

Water leak Sensor

Water Leak Sensor

Model: SW2 

Function: To detect whether there is water on the ground or to prevent medical products get moldy caused by water leakage in pharmacies.

PIR Sensor

PIR Sensor

Model: PIR 

Function: To detect the presence of people in the area. Analyze the space utilization and presence log.

- What End-user Said -

It keeps an eye on our temperature-sensitive medical resources

as well as frees us from troublesomely manual recording

improving the working efficiency.

I’m happy with the products.


Because we creates custom compounds based on what our customers need

we need to make sure the medications are stored at the stable temperature

Otherwise, the efficacy of them would be impaired and bring bad effect

on our customers' skin. If so, we definitely lose our customers.


We offer immunizations for all ages, but it's crucial to store vaccines

at the right temperature to maintain their potency.

Improper storage can render them ineffective

and unusable leading to wastage of medical resources.

We prioritize strict temperature monitoring

to ensure vaccine safety and efficacy.

Desertlife Pharmacy

- Future -

Keep the customer at the center of everything you do.

Without proper temperature monitoring, pharmacies run the risk of dispensing compromised medications, which could have serious consequences for patient health

In addition to the potential risks to patients, improper storage and handling of medications can also result in significant financial losses for pharmacies.

By implementing a reliable temperature monitoring service, pharmacies can ensure that medications are stored at the appropriate temperatures and quickly address any issues that may arise.

Not merely pharmacy benefits from it, more importantly, it secures the public health. Let us be your partner! 

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