Restaurant Temperature Monitoring System

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring

Remote & Local Alerts

Automated Regulatory Logs & Reporting

For Commercial Freezer, Refrigerator, Walk-in Cooler, Cold Room, Beverage Cabinet, and Open-Air Refrigerator.

Secure Your Restaurant's Food Inventory and Save Thousands with MOCREO Sensors for Only $50

Restaurants usually keep substantial amounts of food (meat, sausage, fish, beef, etc.) in walk-in coolers and freezers. The value of these food inventories is often over $1,000, making their protection crucial to avoid significant financial losses.

For just a one-time investment of $50, MOCREO wireless sensors offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to this problem. Our temperature monitoring system includes everything needed for 24/7 monitoring and instant alerts (via App notifications, Email Alerts, and Local beeps).

This small investment in MOCREO sensors safeguards your valuable food inventory, ensuring both the safety and quality of the food you serve to your customers, while also providing substantial long-term savings for your restaurant.

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Many Restaurant Industry Partners Choose MOCREO

24/7 Restaurant Monitoring with MOCREO

Safeguard your restaurant’s operations and reputation using MOCREO’s cutting-edge monitoring. Prevent spoilage and disruptions caused by equipment malfunctions. MOCREO’s remote sensors ensure inventory safety and operational continuity.

Receive Immediate Alerts

Get instant notifications through MOCREO sensors for any issues with your appliances. Alerts are sent via app, email, or alarms for quick action, helping you avoid extensive damage.

Automated Temperature Tracking

Eliminate manual temperature logs with MOCREO’s automated system. Reduce labor and errors, allowing staff to focus on service. Continuously logged data ensures compliance with safety standards.

No More Surprises

Central management of your all MOCREO device

Receive immediate alerts when equipment malfunctions

Automatically export data on a daily basis

Setup in minutes

Easy to scale to all branches

Reduce label cost, improve efficiency


24/7 Real-Time Monitoring

Flexible Notification Options

Automated Regulatory Logs & Reporting

Simple Deployment & Configuration

Restaurant Monitoring Explained In 3 Easy Steps

Temperature & Humidity Sensor-with probe

Starting at MSRP $28.99

First, you will need one of our small wireless sensors for each piece of equipment you want to monitor.  Sensors have a battery life of 1-2 years and, a communication range of 230 feet.

iot hub-plug

Starting at MSRP $39.99

Next, you will need at least one Hub. One Hub supports up to 10 sensors.  Hub transmits sensor measurements to the cloud via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Cellular Modem. Advanced security protocols keep your networks and data safe.

remote monitoring

Free (Basic Plan)

Then comes the Monitoring and Alert which provides cloud account access with thresholds, notifications,  measurement history, reporting, analytics, and more.

Common Measurements

Low temperature Sensor

Low Temp Sensor

Temp measurement range is -40°F~+221°F (-40°C~+105°C).
 To monitor the low temperature of refrigeration equipment, cold storage, etc. 

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temp & Humidity Sensor

To monitor the temperature and humidity. Historical data can be recorded.

Door and window Sensor

Door and Window Sensor

Records the log of when the freezer door was open.  Automate the workflow and save the labor.

temp&humidity sensor with screen

Temp & Humidity Monitor

The screen can show the current temperature and humidity in real-time. 

It can also be added to the Hub to support the remote alert

Water leak Sensor

Water Leak Sensor

To detect whether there is water on the ground or to prevent medical products from getting moldy caused by water leakage in pharmacies

PIR Sensor

PIR Sensor

To detect the presence of people in the area. Analyze the space utilization and presence log.

Gateway With Display

Bridging sensors and servers. It manages MOCREO wireless sensors effortlessly, helping you set up a slick remote monitoring system.

Its distinctive screen makes it a powerful local monitoring center. With the LCD screen, you can quickly check out temperature and humidity data, browse through historical graphs, and swiftly get updates on system status for quick troubleshooting, bringing you greater convenience and a better experience.

How It Work

MOCREO working principle

What Our Clients Said

"Data logging enables easy access to historical temperature data."


The freshness of beef is a big deal. Once I lost 20 pounds of beef because one fridge stopped cooling and I didn’t know it for 3 or 4 days.  Now, with MOCREO sensors, I can monitor my freezer remotely and have peace of mind knowing that my beef is safe.


"Abnormal temperature, alarm notification reminder."


We have a sensor in each deep freezer to monitor the temperature. We lost a lot of meat after the door wasn’t shut. This is an excellent price for a monitoring system and it has been working very well for us.


"Reliable remote temperature monitoring!"


We offer high-quality meals for our customers, so the food quality is crucial. We lost our walk-in freezers and food, prompting us to be more aggressive in finding an affordable solution. MOCREO provided a reliable solution for remote temperature monitoring.

Soma Grille

FAQ - Restaurant Temperature Monitoring

The MOCREO remote monitoring and alarm system is a simple, low-cost way to monitor your valuable assets, equipment, and facilities. Monitor data directly from your phone and receive an App notification or email immediately when measurements reach dangerous levels. With MOCREO sensors, you can be up and running in minutes and protect your assets, equipment and give you peace of mind.

Be the first to know: Instead of being surprised by a major issue when your device breaks down in the morning or after a long weekend, you can be alerted immediately when it shows the first signs of trouble. With app notifications, emails, and local beeps, you’ll know exactly when your equipment is showing signs of failure so you can take quick action to conserve inventory and repair your cooler.

Ease the burden on busy employees: Hiring and training reliable employees can be difficult. Rather than requiring them to do the tedious task of manually checking and recording temperatures throughout the day, use a restaurant temperature monitoring system to automate the process. Not only will your employees have more time to do other tasks, but you’ll also have a more complete and accurate temperature log.

Reduce risk: When you store thousands of dollars of food product inventory in refrigerators or freezers, equipment failure presents a significant risk. Not only do you lose it, you have to spend all your time assessing the damage, removing damaged food products, reordering, and even shutting down until normal operations are restored. The financial risks are great, and the risk of alienating loyal customers is even greater.

Better Insights: When you have an automated restaurant temperature monitoring system, you will have all your historical data at your fingertips. With this historical data, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to optimize your processes and predict when your equipment will need maintenance.

A restaurant temperature monitoring system consists of three main components and costs are as follows:

  • Sensors cost approximately $28.99, depending on sensor type.
  • Hub costs $39.99
  • Cloud service: Basic plan (Free)

MOCREO sensor monitoring includes all these features:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Remote Alerts: Send you alert notifications in the form of app notifications or emails, local beeps, and alerts when unusual fluctuations occur.
  • Get 24/7 cloud access to your data from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Data storage and export functions.
  • Multi-device access.
  • Free startup and ongoing technical support.

What Our Clients Said

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