- Background -

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that involves connecting a wide variety of devices, processes, and environments to the internet beyond just computers and smartphones. IoT allows for a deeper understanding of the world, leading to better decision-making abilities. IoT devices can gather and transmit information, and they can communicate across different networking types, enhancing connectivity on a global scale.

In everyday life, you may have encountered examples of IoT, such as:

- Introduction -

IoT Platform

An IoT platform serves as a central hub that aggregates data from various devices and sensors, providing a single source of truth for your space. With the diverse range of hardware and connectivity options available, IoT platforms provide the necessary integration and compatibility required to seamlessly bring everything together.

Four Key Components

  • Hardware, which includes devices and sensors that capture data or perform actions.
  • Connectivity, which facilitates the transmission of data between hardware and the cloud, as well as the receipt of commands from the cloud. This can be achieved with older connectivity options, like cellular or WiFi, or newer IoT-specific ones, like LoRa.
  • Software, hosted in the cloud, that analyses the accumulated data and takes actions based on the insights gleaned.
  • A user interface, which enables users to interact with the platform to leverage the information produced.

MOCREO Environmental Monitoring Platform includes in the wireless sensors, a gateway for transmitting data, and App for operating the Platform. The Sensors would collect the environmental data and then upload to the Platform through a gateway.

You can access the related data in real time on your phone, computer or tablet at any time anywhere. Also, you can set the threshold on the app to alert you in time when a potential situation occurs. In case of any issues, you and your team will receive alert notifications via email, App notification, and local buzzer, minimizing any negative impact on your precious inventories. At the same time, you can export the relative data for further analysis as well.

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MOCREO environmental monitoring system

- Benefits -

An efficient and reliable IoT platform should:

  • Integrate hardware such as sensors and devices seamlessly
  • Handle different software and hardware communication protocols
  • Provide security and authentication for both users and devices
  • Gather, organize and present the data from various sensors and devices in a user-friendly manner
  • Integrate the entire platform with existing business systems and other web services

Real-time insights

With an IoT platform, you can receive real-time data from your devices and sensors, which can help you make more correct and timely decisions.


IoT platforms are designed to handle large volumes of data and support millions of devices, making it easy to scale your IoT solution for your need.


IoT platforms can automate many tasks, such as real-time monitoring, data collection, and instant alerts, which can save your time and reduce your operational costs.

- Future -

The MOCREO Environmental Monitoring Platform provides you with improved visibility and helps you safeguard the safety of your temperature-sensitive inventory, ensuring peace of mind.

With 24/7 automated monitoring, you can conveniently access the environmental conditions data via your phone, tablet or computer, empowering you and your team with greater insights for more effective management and decision-making.

With MOCREO, it will realize

  • Realize the remote monitoring in real time
  • Foresee the potential risk and alert in time
  • Replace the tradition manual recording
  • Reduce the loss and the unnecessary cost

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